Dialogue for Associate Colette

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Before Fragmented Memories[edit | edit source]

  • Associate Colette: This is my first expedition. What a fascinating place to witness!

After Fragmented Memories[edit | edit source]

  • Player: How is the professor doing?
  • Associate Colette: Which one?
  • Associate Colette: Well, the salamander professor is fine, happily just exploring and gorging on insects. Keeps them off the team while we work, very helpful. More so than Professor Alfredo was in that body.
  • Player: And the actual professor?
  • Associate Colette: Oh, he's a cutie! His little salamander face is full of expression! You can almost see Alfredo's mannerisms in him, but he's just too cute to take seriously. Honestly, I've never liked him more.
  • Player: Well, we'll get them swapped back eventually...I think we've discovered all there is here for the moment.
  • Player: While in the device, the professor mentioned lingam stones and a door near a dragonkin head stonework piece somewhere around the temple to the south-east of Anachronia.
  • Associate Colette: Don't rush on our account! Perhaps that's the lead we need to follow for our next mystery!