Transcript of Assault on Paradise

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin, The Whaler, The Occultist, The Partner, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Kirau's pirates are armed and they've had a few drinks. That's my way of saying they're ready, by the way.
  • The Whaler: And the ships are tied to Shuma's tail. She's uncomfortable, but she knows how to pull them along without sinking them. Took a few tries to get it right, though.
  • The Occultist: I don't suppose I could learn what my part in all this is?
  • The Partner: You all know the first stage of the plan. Shuma pulls the ship and three pirate galleons behind her. She acts as a giant battering ram, breaking through the ranks of sea monsters that surround Quin's island. Shuma turns before she reaches land and the Whaler disconnects the ships.
  • The Whaler: Then Shuma and I get to play whack-a-monster!
  • The Partner: The ships run aground at the base of the palace, destroying the assassin shacks.
  • The Assassin: And the pirates fight the assassins in broad daylight, without any walls to hide behind. Pirates versus assassins. Has a certain ring to it.
  • The Partner: Then to the part you don't know. In the melee, Zu Zu, you make your way up to the palace.
  • The Occultist: I understand your plan now darling! You're taking advantage of my knowledge, and my inability to be harmed by traps! Delightful. Quin's immortal bodyguard is the one who gets to kill her. There's a whiff of irony to it. It tickles the tastebuds.
  • The Partner: There's only one surprise left. I must demand that I come with you.
  • Player: John, this isn't a mission for a seventy-year-old desk clerk...
  • The Partner: I'm coming, and I'll hear no more of it. Quin took someone from me too, a long time ago. It's not a story I want to divulge. Let's just say it's a sad story, and we all agree to let me join the melee.
  • The Assassin: I'd be happy to have you in the battle, John Strum.
  • Player: If it's something you have to do, I can't stop you. It looks like we have a crew!

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: Dizzy whirlwind spirits! We did it! Quin's dead, Quin's dead! I could jig!
  • The Occultist: Good grief, darling. Could you not?
  • The Assassin: Before we get too deep into celebration, a few things should be mentioned.
  • The Occultist: Don't tell me that Quin lives! I cut out her heart and put it on a stick!
  • The Assassin: No, no, she's very much dead. I wanted to mention that we lost some friends today. The pirates returned after escorting Shuma back to the Glitterhalls. Shuma passed away on the journey. She was old, and her wounds weakened her...
  • The Whaler: Shuma! You big lug, why didn't you tell me you were dying? Gah, why don't women ever talk to me?
  • The Assassin: And John Strum died on the field.
  • The Occultist: It's no surprise; he wanted to die. We were right to let him choose how that happened.
  • Player: We'll remember them all. But we shouldn't forget our achievement; Quin's terrorised everyone...
  • The Whaler: She killed my people.
  • The Assassin: She killed my friends.
  • The Occultist: She made me immortal. Oh, and made me kill people.
  • Player: And, on a personal note, I've enjoyed working with you.
  • The Whaler: And I you. Come see me later when it's less crowded. I've got that hug I promised you.
  • The Assassin: It's been a spectacle. At some point I might set up a rival assassin guild. First, there are a few things about management that I could learn from you.
  • The Occultist: Oh, we're doing the 'what we're up to next' thing? Well, there are a few eligible bachelors here in the west. As long as I can fit some dinner dates into the schedule, feel free to keep sending me on missions.
  • The Whaler: Yes, you can call on us whenever you need us. I think we've all grown a little attached to this place.