Transcript of As a First Resort journal entry

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  • I have met Chief Tess, the chief of Oo'glog, the ogress encampment south of the Feldip Hills. It seems that someone has been talking to Chief Tess about some sort of business venture'.
  • Chief Tess seems to be having difficulty understanding what this lady wants. I have offered to help Chief Tess by talking to the human lady in the bank at Oo'glog.
  • I have agreed to help Balnea transform Oo'glog into a luxurious health spa.
  • Balnea has given me access to the bank of Oo'glog.
  • Balnea told me to help Chargurr, the ogress chef, to prepare the 'catering facilities'.
  • I have agreed to help Chargurr collect wood, spears and raw chompy for the cooking fire.
  • I have placed 10 eucalyptus logs and 8 achey tree logs on the cooking fire.
  • I have positioned 4 spears over the cooking fire.
  • I have out 2 chompies on the spear spits over the fire pit.
  • I've started the cooking fire for Chargurr - the chompies are now roasting away.
  • I lit Chargurr's cooking fire; the catering facilities are now ready. Balnea has asked me to find Snurgh at the 'hotel facilities' and sort out whatever trouble she's having.
  • I have delivered 8 stripy feathers to Snurgh - she's going to use them to make feather pillows.
  • I've let Balnea know that everything's in order at the 'hotel'. She has now asked me to help Kringk get the salon ready for business.
  • I've delivered some wolf bones and spined larupia furs to Kringk so that she can make some hair brushes.
  • I have reported to Balnea after helping to set up the salon.
  • Balnea has sent me to talk to Seegud about ridding Oo'glog of the insects that swarm around its pools.
  • I've burned the insect-repelling materials as Seegud instructed, but nothing
  • I've burned the insect-repelling materials as Seegud instructed, but nothing happened. It seems some mischievous ogre children switched the colours of the rocks.
  • I've figured out which materials need to be burned at each fire pit and I have lit all five fires. The insects have dispersed
  • I've told Balnea that live de-bugged the pools.
  • Balnea tells me there are some creatures that need to be removed before guests can safely use the pools.
  • I have cleared Oo'glog of diseased kebbits and wimpy birds. I've also moved the family of platypodes away from the pools.
  • Balnea says the spa is now ready for its grand opening.
  • The spa is now up-and-running. I've spoken to Balnea who has given me free use of all the spa pools.
  • I can talk to Seegud to find out more about the special effects of bathing in the pools.
  • I can also shop at the gift shop, buy and sell meat to Chargurr, use the charter ship to sail to and from Oo'glog, and get a beauty treatment at the salon.
  • I can also hunt the disease kebbits and wimpy birds outside the gates of Oo'glog
  • If I have a Summoning level of 10 or more, I can catch a baby platypus and raise it as a pet. I should speak to Balnea to learn more about this.