Dialogue for Artimeus

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  • Artimeus: Greetings, friend. My business here deals with Hunter- related items. Is there anything in which I can interest you?
  • Player: What kinds of items do you stock?
    • Artimeus: Take a look for yourself.
  • Player: I'm not in the market for Hunter equipment right now, thanks.
    • Artimeus: Maybe another time, then.
  • Player: Do you have any Hunter wisdom to share?
    • Artimeus: Some creatures can be particularly fond of certain food. If you bait your trap you are more likely to succeed.
    • Player: So I need to use bait?
    • Artimeus: Sometimes it's essential. Creatures in Isafdar, for example, won't go near a trap that isn't baited. They are clever animals but quite greedy, it seems.
      • Player: Can you tell me more about hunting in Isafdar?
      • Artimeus: There are two animals ideal for hunting there: the pawya and the grenwall. Grenwall hunt for pawya, so pawya meat is a good bait to catch them.
      • Player: And what about catching pawya?
      • Artimeus: From the Hunter tales I've heard around campfires, they seem to find papaya fruit irresistable.
      • Artimeus: Is there anything else in which I can interest you?
    • Player: Thanks for your help.
      • Artimeus: It's always a pleasure to share Hunter knowledge.
      • Artimeus: Is there anything else in which I can interest you?