Transcript of Artefact empowerment instructions

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Artefact empowerment instructions

To prepare the artefact you will need need the following materials:

  • 4 smooth stones, for the power of the sea.
  • 4 small gemstones, for the power of the earth.
  • 4 strong sticks, for the power of life.

At least one of these items must be of high quality, but you will need a high skill to gather the high-quality items. You can start by searching a tree, a fishing spot or a mining rock by using your banner on it, or by calling its power nearby.

When you have all of these items in your inventory, use the artefact on an anvil to prepare it. With high Crafting and Smithing skills, you should be able to draw the power of the sticks, gems and stones such that you will be ready to empower using the raw energy of runes.

Empowerment is accomplished by using runes on the prepared artefact in the correct order, but will require skill in Magic, Summoning, Prayer and Runecrafting.

The runes should be added to the prepared artefact in the following order:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water
  • Body
  • Mind

Once this is complete, the artefact will be empowered.