Dialogue for Armoursmith

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This transcript involves dialogue with Armoursmith and the player.

First conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Armoursmith: Not good. Not good at all.
  • Player: What isn't?
  • Armoursmith: Your shell, it won't do.
  • The armoursmith wiggles a hammer in the direction of your stomach.
  • Armoursmith: The Airut will crush it, their hounds will shred it and the desert will cook it.
  • Select an option
    • How do you suggest I improve my shell?
      • Armoursmith: Mazcab is old, hides many secrets, I have fragments of these secrets. Bring me Teci, I make them into a better shell for you. Maybe you find your own Mazcab secrets. Maybe they form better shell than I make. Until then, come to me.
      • (Continues below.)
    • I think my shell will do fine, thank you.
      • Player: I think my shell will do fine, thank you.

Subsequent conversations[edit | edit source]

  • (Without any Achto parts equipped:)
    • Armoursmith: Still not good enough, human.
    • (Continues below.)
  • (With Achto parts equipped:)
    • Armoursmith: Looking much better human.
    • (Continues below.)
  • Select an option
    • Could you make some armour for me?
    • Where can I find Teci?
    • Can you imbue a ring for me?
    • Good bye.
      • (Dialogue ends.)

Imbuing rings[edit | edit source]

  • Armoursmith: Which do you want me to imbue?
  • Select an option
    • (Only with an imbued ring in backpack:)
      • Can you remove the enchantment from my item?
        • Player: Can you remove the effect from my item?
        • Armoursmith: No problem. Just use the ring on me and I'll see what I can do.
    • Ring of Fortune (2,500 Teci)
      • (Continues below.)
    • Luck of the Dwarves (7,500 Teci)
      • (Continues below.)
    • Hazelmere's Signet Ring (10,000 Teci)
      • (Continues below.)
    • More...
      • Ring of Death (15,000 Teci)
        • (Continues below.)
      • Asylum Surgeon's ring (10,000 Teci)
        • (Continues below.)
      • Back...
        • (Shows the previous options.)
  • Player: [Chosen ring], please.
  • (If the player doesn't have the chosen ring in the inventory:)
    • Player: Actually, I don't have any of those rings with me.
  • (If the player doesn't have the chosen ring in the inventory but not enough Teci:)
    • Player: Actually, I don't have that much Teci
  • (If the player has the chosen ring in the inventory and enough Teci:)
    • Armoursmith: Here you go human, I have imbued your finger-shell. Come back if you want me to remove the effect.

Using an imbued ring[edit | edit source]

    • Yes
      • The enchantment is removed.
      • Armoursmith: There you go.
    • No
      • (Dialogue ends.)