Dialogue for Armadylean record keeper

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  • Armadylean record keeper: Hello there - what can I do for you?
    • Player: What can I do here?
      • Armadylean record keeper: I'm Armadyl's record keeper. I look after the day-to-day administration of this conflict.
      • Armadylean record keeper: I keep track of Armadyl's plans to upgrade our forces. I'm also in charge of hiring mercenaries to bulk out our army.
      • Armadylean record keeper: Since it'll be you out there in the field, I'd appreciate your guidance on both. I'll have new mercs to choose from and new upgrades - every five days.
      • Armadylean record keeper: We'd also like your opinion on more general strategy, which you can check on the strategy board.
    • Player: I'd like to give directions for the next upgrades.
      • Upgrades screen opens
    • Player: I'd like to see the options for hiring mercenaries.
      • Mercenaries screen opens
    • Player: Tell me about yourself.
      • Armadylean record keeper: Me? I was a Guardian once. Didn't work out, in the long term.
      • Armadylean record keeper: The Guardians of Armadyl went to sede a bit when the big fellow left. The disciples in the Temple of Ikov even let the staff get stolen.
      • Armadylean record keeper: So I spent some time in a warband, but honestly it felt like a bandit group hiding behind a name.
      • Armadylean record keeper: Armadyl coming back changed all that. I serve him directly now, and my heart is full.
    • Player: Nothing for now, thanks.
      • Armadylean record keeper: Come back any time.