Transcript of Armadyl's Assault

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Kree'arra - the war's gone on too long.

I can't recall how many months have passed since we got trapped here. In those first weeks, we only had K'ril to worry about. We held his forces back with little trouble, but we struggled to break from him. You requested aid from our allies, and they neglected to come; you told them of the Godsword and they rushed to help us. We should have anticipated their greed. Graardor joined forces with K'ril, and Zilyana staged her own attack. I feared for our own survival.

Yet, Armadyl be praised, we survived. We repelled their attacks. You made peace with Zilyana. A wise decision; we couldn't battle on three fronts at once. Soon after, your decisions became much more questionable, but it wasn't my place to criticise, so I did not speak.

Look where it's got me: both wings broken, my body and arm trapped beneath a rockfall. The stones hide me from my enemies, but not the view of the battle. There are no words to describe watching your flock die...

I write this note as I may be the only one capable of saying it: you must destroy the amulets Zilyana gave you. I was suspicious of mine and threw it to the fire. It cannot be coincidence that my thoughts are clear, while the rest of us are so muddled and distracted.

It's certainly changed you. Slowly, subtly, naturally, but the differences are obvious. Before, you had always ensured that we had a way out; you never led an assault until you were certain of success, and you always showed extreme sadness whenever a precious aviansie was lost. Now? You've become hasty and rushed. You have no plan for escape. An entire squadron of aviansie was wiped out on a mission, and you moved on to the next battle plan immediately.

When we stealthily approached the waterfall, Zilyana's troops were lying in wait. How could she have anticipated it, if not for the amulet? No general would stage a defence in that spot unless they knew of an approach. The amulet is all that makes sense.

Zilyana took your bow, probably as a trophy, but you have a weapon that's even more powerful. Take the Godsword and strike back when she's least expecting it. We have been fearful of using it, but the time has come. We can't let the aviansie become forgotten.