Dialogue for Aristarchus

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  • Aristarchus: Good day, sir. Are you interested in the history of this area?
  • Yes, I want to know more about the desert!
    • Player: Yes, I want to know more about the desert!
    • Aristarchus: It's good to meet someone so eager to learn! Now, what would you like to hear about?
    • Enakhra the Mahjarrat
      • Player: Tell me about Enakhra the Mahjarrat.
      • Aristarchus: I have read only little about her. She was one of the Mahjarrat who arrived in Gielinor many thousands of years ago. She supported Zamorak when he tried to gain power, but her efforts to gain his favour failed, and she retreated to a temple she had built. This is the last anyone knows of what happened to her, and it took place several thousand years ago.
    • Akthanakos the Mahjarrat
      • Player: Tell me about Akthanakos the Mahjarrat.
      • Aristarchus: Like Enakhra, his rival, Akthanakos came to Gielinor with the other Mahjarrat. He took on the aspect of one of the local gods, and is usually drawn with a camel's head. He was against Zamorak's rise to power, but the last anyone knows of him was that he and Enakhra were thinking of forgetting their rivalry.
    • Enakhra's Temple
      • Player: Tell me about Enakhra's temple.
      • Aristarchus: Well, sources say that Enakhra tried to gain favour with Zamorak by building him a temple somewhere in the desert. It is said that when she showed it to him, he was not impressed, and told her he would rather have a weapon that could slay gods than a temple. After that, it seems Enakhra retreated to that temple. If she hasn't died, she's been there ever since.
    • The Camulet
      • Player: Tell me about the Camulet.
      • Aristarchus: I'm afraid I've only heard rumours of it, but here's what I know. When Akthanakos came to Gielinor and took on the aspect of a man with a camel's head, he made an amulet that allowed him to understand camels. Using it, he even trained some of the native camels to fight for him. Their name, "Ugthanki", is derived from his. Since he disappeared, however, it is said that the Ugthanki became more violent, and started attacking travellers.
  • Why should I care about what happened thousands of years ago?
    • Player: Why should I care about what happened thousands of years ago?
    • Aristarchus: Because those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Knowing something about history can prevent you from making mistakes that people have made before, you see?
  • Who are you?
    • Player: Who are you?
    • Aristarchus: I am a librarian from the great library of Menaphos. I left to travel the desert and learn more of its history. Unfortunately, the plague of Sophanem prevents me from returning to the library.