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At Gypsy Aris's tent[edit | edit source]

  • Aris: Your future is murky young one. You will achieve power...but it will cause you much pain.
  • Ariane: How do you know these things?
  • Aris: You forget, I'm good at knowing things.
  • Ariane: That doesn't answer my question.
  • Aris: It is not something that can be explained, child. I have many years' experience divining things, but I cannot explain how I do it.
  • Ariane: Don't patronise me. At first, I dismissed you as a fraud, but you're not. I can tell you have some genuine precognitive ability - you had a real vision about Player and Delrith - but you couch it all with vagueness and cold reading.
  • Aris: Such anger for one so young. You must learn to accept knowledge as it comes to you, not rage against your ignorance.
  • Ariane: Such evasion for one so old. I crossed your palm with silver and I'm asking you my questions.
  • Aris: *Sigh* What is it you seek?
  • Ariane: I'm a seer as well. I have flashes of information sometimes, but nothing useful. I had hoped you could help me to gain control of this power.
  • Aris: This power cannot be forced, young one. What will come, will come.
  • Ariane: No, I don't accept that. It's a skill like any other, and I'm going to learn to harness it, with or without your help. Thanks for the reading.

In Legends' Guild[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: It was you?
  • Ozan: Ha ha ha!
  • Ariane: It's not funny, Ozan!
  • Ozan: It is, though! The look on your face...
  • Ariane: I risked life and limb to retrieve those artefacts for the museum. Then I find out that you had stolen them from the museum again!
  • Ozan: The artefacts were in storage. They'd finished studying them.
  • Ariane: You never finish studying something.
  • Ozan: We've often had to steal museum artefacts for a mission.
  • Ariane: Yes, when we needed something and the museum wouldn't give it up, and then we returned them afterwards. Ozan stole these for private collectors.
  • Ozan: Aw, it was just from a museum. It wasn't like I took food from poor families...

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: That old man nearly took down the Tower. Traiborn had to break out one of his thingummywuts.
  • Ariane: Ozan, you must have heard stories about him.
  • Ozan: Hundreds. They can't possibly be true, though. I know exaggeration when I see it.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Hey, it's our newest guild member!
  • Ozan: I told you Player would make it into the guild. Didn't I tell you?
  • Ariane: Several times, at length.
    • It was nothing.
      • Player: It was nothing.
      • Ozan: I don't think you understand what being an adventurer is all about.
      • Ozan: It's about the legend! The glory! Bards will sing of our exploits for generations - but only if we teach them the songs!
        • What about you, Ariane?
          • Player: What about you, Ariane?
          • Ariane: It's about making the world a better place.
        • Goodbye.
          • Player: Goodbye.
    • It was one of many epic adventures!
      • Player: It was one of many epic adventures!
      • Ozan: I know! I've heard the stories about you. I've passed some of them on myself!
      • Ariane: Changing them to stories about you.
      • Ariane: Or inserting yourself as the one who saves the day.
      • Ozan: Don't listen to her, Player! All my stories are the unembellished facts.
      • Ariane: That's the tallest tale I've heard for a while.
    • Who are you people?
      • Player: Who are you people?
      • Ariane: I'm sorry, I thought you knew each other.
      • Ariane: Player, sadly there's just the two of us at the moment. This is Ozan.
      • Ariane: We have not seen Sir Owen here for some time...
      • Ozan: No need to introduce yourself, Player. Ariane has told me all about you.
      • Ariane: You're a worthy addition to the guild.
    • Goodbye.
      • Player: Goodbye.

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

  • Ozan: Okay, you got into the tomb. How big was it?
  • Ariane: It was about fifty metres long, ten wide, and five high.
  • Ozan: No, no! I don't want to know its measurements. You've got to say how big it was!
  • Ariane: I just said...
  • Ozan: You need to give a sense of how big it was. Your flickering torchlight could not penetrate the dust to the far wall. The sound of your footfalls was lost in the immensity as the weight of ages pressed down on you...
  • Ariane: Um, alright. It was...very big?
  • Ozan: That's a start. What did you find in the tomb?
  • Ariane: There were fourteen skeletons in various states of-
  • Ozan: Ah! So you battled with the skeletons! Unsleeping guardians, enraged at your intrusion into-
  • Ariane: No, ordinary skeletons. The old king's servants had been buried in the outer chamber to provide for him in the next life.
  • Ozan: The old king's guards had been buried there to protect him, and you fought them with magic fireballs! No one wants to hear a story about burial customs.
  • Ariane: Well, okay. Whgen I had...got past...the skeletons, there was a locked door. I had to figure out its mechanism.
  • Ozan: While the walls were closing in? With spikes?
  • Ariane: No, there was no pressure. Actually, I left the tomb at that point to read up on that type of mechanism, back at the Tower.
  • Ozan: You can't make an exciting story about reading books! No, the walls were closing in, and you got the door open just in time. And, on the other side, you saw...
  • Ariane: There was a marble sarcophagus about three metres-
  • Ozan: *Ahem*
  • Ariane: A...huge...marble sarcophagus...studded with jewels, and carved into a...terrifying visage.
  • Ozan: That's better. And then?
  • Ariane: Inside the sarcophagus...inside the sarcophagus, I found the king's burial mask, solid gold and carved all over with hieroglyphics.
  • Ozan: An ancient artefact of mystical power!
  • Ariane: It wasn't...
  • Ariane: An ancient artefact...whose powers we have yet to unlock.
  • Ozan: There! You're getting the idea. Now change the main character to me, and you've got the perfect story!

Quest-related[edit | edit source]

(No relevant quest completed)[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: Have you met Xenia in Lumbridge? She sometimes has tasks for new adventurers.

The Blood Pact[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: You're the one who stopped the necromantic ritual in Lumbridge and opened Dragith Nurn's tomb, aren't you? The Tower has banned its wizards from going down there, of course. Necromancy - dangerous forbidden knowledge. I don't think you and I need to let that stop us. We're adventurers.

The Chosen Commander[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I wish I could have seen the look on the Bandos avatar's face when you fired that crossbow. You struck a blow not just for cave goblins but for all mortals. No one keeps us down. No one keeps us ignorant. Gods are more powerful than us but not infinitely so - they can be brought down.
  • Ariane: The gods should remember that if they're going to come back to our world and use it as their battleground. We mortals have stopped their plans before and we can do it again.

Prior to the Gods' Return[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: When I think of all we've achieved in the recent years, I sometimes wonder if there's a new God War brewing - not god against god, but gods against mortals. If your defeat of Bandos is any indication, I think we could win.

Desert Treasure[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: You discovered the Ancient Spellbook. A whole new form of magic! The entire magical community is in your debt - or they would be, if they weren't too superstitious to use it.

The Dig Site[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: So. 'Tremble mortal, before the altar of our dread lord Zaros.' It looks like you've discovered a new god. I've been hunting around for references to this 'Zaros'. There are a few, but not many. It's as if the other gods tried to remove all references from him. Information is the key. I'm not going to tremble just because a piece of old stone tells me to. I hope we can find more objective information about Zaros in the future.

Dragon Slayer[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I wish I could have seen Crandor before it was destroyed. They had their own school of magic. One of the largest libraries in the world. The last Crandorian wizards meant well by hiding their map pieces, but you can't hide an island forever. I'm glad you put the map back together and killed Elvarg. Oh, and congratulations for getting into the Champions' Guild.

The Golem[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I wish I could have seen Uzer at its height - talked to the mages who developed the golems. There was so much knowledge lost in the God Wars. At least now you've repaired the last golem, so we've got a primary source, even if it isn't the most talkative one.

Heroes' Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: Achiettes tells me you're a member of the Heroes' Guild now. Congratulations. It was a firebird feather, a lava eel and a thieves' armband for you, wasn't it? I wish Achiettes would give heroes useful things to do rather than fetch arbitrary sets of items.

Legends' Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I've been studying your Kharazi Jungle map. Thanks to you we finally have some concrete information about what's down there. Just think! If we send every new Legends' Guild member to map a different place, before long we'd have a map of the whole world! Oh, and congratulations on getting into the Legends' Guild. It's well deserved.

Rune Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I hear the Mage Training Arena are able to make rune guardians again. Wizard Clerval says you gave him a few pointers, but I'm guessing more of the work was yours than he would like to admit. I hope the wizards don't leave it at recreating the old guardians. There are so many problems that could be solved by inventing new types of automaton.

Stone of Jas[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: It's a shame you couldn't keep hold of the Stone this time. For studying, obviously. Although, if Lucien hadn't inadvertently unleashed the dragonkin, we would have brought his fate upon ourselves. Such an ingenious security mechanism... I hope we can undo the harm he's caused.

Swept Away[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I tasted some of the magic goulash you helped Maggie to make. Magic in food - I'm not sure I'd have thought of that.

Tower of Life[edit | edit source]

  • Ariane: I hear you're the one who finished Effigy's Tower of Life. I'm worried about the ethical implications of using the altars in the tower basement. We should be very careful when creating a being that can feel...' Which isn't to say we shouldn't do it. Magic like that could be used to cure diseases, extend our lifespans - eventually, maybe even conquer death.