Transcript of Archon's journal page 4

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My forces have done all they can to hold back the vyres, but they have us surrounded and we have fallen back to our strongholds. At least the shine of Everlight is keeping them at bay for now and, for whatever reason, they are afraid of open water. With supplies from some of our allies to the east - most notably the sirens of Wushanko - we should be able to withstand this siege near indefinitely. Unfortunately, we may have to, for word has reached me that Lord Saradomin is currently engaged on multiple fronts to the west, halting his own assault on Senntisten, and will not be able to intervene. The usurper, Zamorak, has launched multiple demonic assaults from his seat in the old imperial capital, and a force of green-skinned mercenaries is raiding his southern flank.

Nevertheless, I have instructed my generals to slowly start manoeuvring their soldiers over water, around the vyre siege. For one, they will be well placed to pincer the vyres when the fight comes, and for two, should things end poorly here, they at least will be on the other side of things and should survive, able to reform with Saradomin's host over the river.

-Archon Bable