Transcript of Archon's journal page 3

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My scouts tell me he is coming. The vampyre lord Drakan is on a mission to take our lands for himself. Before Saradomin led us here, we had heard nothing of the vampyre menace beyond what myths he had told us. We were, of course, disgusted by the mere description of them, but upon meeting them in battle for the first time, they have become our immortal enemies. It appears the vyres feel the same, and that Lord Drakan has made this rivalry personal.

I warned Saradomin about this but he chose to ignore my wisdom and chastised me! A marriage between myself and Efaritay would have guaranteed a greater amount of reinforcement from Hallow. Yet she and our Lord thought it more fitting to secure the alliance of humans, for all the good that will do us. They seem to have failed to notice that humans are naught but food to the vyres - what hope do they have in holding back the march of Drakan's forces?

-Archon Bable