Transcript of Archon's journal page 2

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Why? Why would she do such a thing? Efaritay was set to be my wife! It is tradition. It has been a long-standing arrangement that the head of the icyene military is to wed the leading royal of their age, in order to cement the allegiance of all icyene city states.

She is the heart of our people, and we its fist. It is a marriage of convenience, yes, but a necessary one. And yet she has not only chosen to buck with this tradition...but with a human too! Disgusting! What would lead her to such a travesty? Does she not realise we are at war? That we need to ensure continual martial reinforcement from Hallow? What must our people at home think of us?

She says she is in love, as if that were reason enough to not stick with our traditions. I shall take this issue to our Lord Saradomin - surely his wisdom will see the damage this will inflict on his cause and the dissent this might encourage back on Hallow.

This will not stand.

-Archon Bable