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Lord Saradomin has done well to raise such a force of light in this dark world. The icyene alone is a massive force, its ranks picked from every level of our culture, yet we are just the backbone of his armies. For he has also brought other beings to aid him in his conquest of this world, in order to bring order where once chaos ruled.

The centaurs on Renmark are an impressive sight - part man, part beast, but with the best parts of both. They are elegant beings in times of peace, yet brutally savage in a fight. He also brought in the regal lion-kind. I know not how he managed to tame such creatures, but they have proven loyal and fierce allies.

If only he could have kept up such standards when bringing in his human forces. They are strange creatures. At a glance, one might mistake them for an icyene, albeit a short one, yet they lack our grace and our wings. They are cumbersome and banal - they lack the centaur's accuracy, the unicorn's speed and the lion's ferocity.

Indeed, the only positive in their favour - if one could call it a positive - is their abundance. If nothing else, they will provide us with a wall of flesh to guard us from our enemies.

-Archon Bable