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In Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Archmage Sedridor: Welcome, adventurer, to the world-renowned Wizards' Tower. How can I help you?
  • Choose an option:
    • Your wizards did well against the Wise Old Man.[1]
      • Archmage Sedridor: Thank you. I must admit, we'd have lost if Traiborn hadn't helped. I've no idea what he summoned, but it certainly terrified the Wise Old Man and that woman.
    • Can you teleport me to the rune essence?
      • Archmage Sedridor: Seventior disthine molenko!
      • Archmage Sedridor teleports the player to the Rune Essence mine.
    • Tell me about the Wizards' Tower.
      • Archmage Sedridor: The tower is the finest institute of magical learning in Misthalin, Asgarnia or Kandarin. The standard adventurer's spellbook and the teleportation lodestones are both products of tower wizards' research. Most importantly, the tower guards the secret of rune essence, which allowed human civilisation to prevail over the monsters and barbarians and ushered in the Fifth Age of the world.
      • Select an option
        • Can you teach me magic?
          • Archmage Sedridor: You already know the adventurer's spellbook! For an adventurer like you, the best way to learn is to go out and practice casting spells.
          • (Shows other options)
        • What are the ruins I saw outside the tower?
          • Archmage Sedridor: Ah...they are the relic of a sad chapter in the tower's history. Originally, the wizards of the tower were not as unified as they now are. There were orders devoted to different gods: notably Saradomin, god of goodness and order, and Zamorak, god of evil and chaos. The orders worked together for seventy years, but eventually the Zamorakian wizards betrayed the others and burned the tower down. Archmage Perien rebuilt the tower and forbade Zamorakian wizards from joining. The rebuilt Tower has been united and at peace for a hundred years.
          • (Shows other options)
        • The secret of rune essence?
          • Archmage Sedridor: Yes - specifically, the secret of the teleportation spell that lets us reach it. The discovery of the rune essence and the ability to make rune stones was the single greatest magical discovery in the history of Gielinor. It allows anyone to produce magical effects easily and reliably. The rune essence lies in the frozen north, where the Eye of Saradomin once rested. The first wizards reached it by an arduous land route, but eventually they discovered a spell to teleport there directly. After Zamorakian mages burned the tower down a hundred years ago, Archmage Perien decided to keep the spell secret rather than let it fall into evil hands. We will cast the spell for anyone we think trustworthy, but the spell itself is an inner mystery of the tower and is taught only to select individuals.
          • (Shows other options)
        • Other questions...
        • Goodbye.
          • (Dialogue ends)
    • Nothing, thanks. I'm just looking around.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Initially after Rune Memories[edit | edit source]

  • (Archmage Sedridor's dialogue about the wizard hiding in plain sight at the end of Rune Mysteries has the transcript missing. edit)
  • Archmage Sedridor: As thanks for saving the Tower, I have given you access to my personal rune essence store. Take as much essence as you want from the chest in this room.
  • (Returns to normal dialogue)

At Lumbridge beach[edit | edit source]

  • Archmage Sedridor: Foreman George continues to impress me with his sandcastle designs; I find it hard to believe there's no magic involved. I'd love to see a magic-inspired sandcastle while I'm here.
  • Player: You're not very subtle about what you want are you?

Using the deposit box while carrying essence[edit | edit source]

  • Archmage Sedridor: Sorry, but usage of this chest is prohibited while carrying essence.
  • Sedridor does not want you banking rune essence in the tower.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ This dialogue takes place after Love Story.