Transcript of Architect's Journal

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In the eyes of an outsider, it is sand. To us, it is our legacy - it is what we have defied.

When you stand upon the great pyramids of Menaphos and gaze across the Kharidian dunes, you can't help but feel the magnificence of it all. For, around us, the world has sunk to pestilence and pettiness. The blistering winds slowly reclaim each and every weary soul that wanders beyond our gates. Soon their names will be effaced and their cities no more. But not us. Not Menapohs.

Our legacy will not rot in the tombs beneath the earth. Our legacy will grace the skies of Gielinor and beyond! The great pyramids are a testament to all that we are. Brick by brick, we climb higher, far beyond the sandy stranglehold of the desert, of mankind. And we will not stop, not until we stare down at the very heavens themselves! For we and we alone are the golden city. We are glory, beauty, and perfection. We are Menaphos.