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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] so this is the ever light well this this
[00:02] what you're showing is literally the
[00:04] ever light which is the lighthouse
[00:05] but this is the ever light sight at off
[00:10] the coast of Mauritania and what you
[00:12] thought with fly fly around and show you
[00:14] some of the cool stuff you're gonna be
[00:16] getting thanks I think
[00:18] yeah if you remember there are five dig
[00:20] sites in archaeology this is the surface
[00:22] level of one of the fires yeah this is
[00:24] this is just the surface of one of them
[00:26] so they're armed there is more things to
[00:29] be discovered here I'm terrible at
[00:31] camera show
[00:32] you're probably spotting lots of things
[00:33] that you'd want to interact with but
[00:34] yeah there might be a finding you see
[00:35] one of the xev exploration spots there
[00:37] that are twinkling away all right this
[00:40] is some of the some of the beautiful
[00:41] environment are the mud warden was
[00:43] talking about Oh some of the quality
[00:45] remains getting a bit quit it if you
[00:47] guys want a little bit more lore about
[00:49] ever lie there is a archeology journal
[00:51] which is currently on a website which
[00:53] was released last Friday
[00:54] which talks about the net third it's
[00:56] almost like a diary entry for a vascular
[00:58] she's looking quite perturbed in it so
[00:59] absolutely well to be fair this is on
[01:01] her doorstep it's a lighthouse
[01:03] you know you as a vampire you probably
[01:05] be slightly against that yeah but this
[01:07] is um but from back in the day when the
[01:11] I seen our angelic beings always a good
[01:15] shot City under carriage to avoid the
[01:22] house go
[01:24] yeah but yes the I seen when were more
[01:27] populous here at one put period during
[01:29] the god wars so you imagine angelic
[01:30] beings wandering around this kind of
[01:32] Romanesque area nice pillow shop I
[01:35] really dig the lighting in these
[01:37] environments as well I think there's
[01:39] been a lot of extra tweaking on that it
[01:41] looks stunning it looks and then the our
[01:43] team has done an amazing job this is
[01:45] what we're talking about in terms of
[01:46] adding a bit more life to the areas you
[01:48] may have seemed like there were to be
[01:50] honest this is from deep-sea fishing but
[01:51] it's an individual turtle but you know
[01:53] how do you see fish and felt alive this
[01:55] that's something we really want to bring
[01:56] in you'll see archaeologists wandering
[01:58] about they'll be talking and digging as
[02:00] if this was a property excite you may
[02:01] you may remember the icy knee graveyard
[02:03] from rode on not reupload one before
[02:08] Lord vampyre iam Lord of emperium which
[02:10] which might may I may not pay at pop
[02:12] nah ain't got no ideas where it is yeah
[02:15] this is their this is where it is this
[02:16] is obviously the camp this is where you
[02:18] find a mosquito this is where you hang
[02:19] out there is or oh I'm too far away
[02:23] yeah actually see anything you can't
[02:25] even ask you there all the no no that's
[02:27] fine but like that this is the entrances
[02:30] we come in you can either come all the
[02:31] way down from the top which is very far
[02:33] away up near our axes layer we can
[02:35] teleport in here and this is where your
[02:36] land in will come over the mix shift
[02:39] cameras stuff and this is where like
[02:43] where you will enter the dig site and
[02:44] then you'll see there are different
[02:46] islands all have different themes so I
[02:48] show you that the Quidditch area which
[02:49] is actually the sports area where each
[02:52] area I'm interested where you willing
[02:57] and then it comes over to like this is
[02:59] like the amphitheater I think yeah this
[03:02] is the amphitheater section just like
[03:03] more the cultural area of the I see knee
[03:05] and there's like a war section over
[03:07] there before there's those of stuff
[03:09] underground there's obviously the cool
[03:11] lighthouse which is awesome
[03:14] so what's the players objective in not
[03:15] ever like you need to get to the top of
[03:18] ever light and claim the ever light for
[03:20] yourself
[03:20] gotcha Wow and it may not be as easy as
[03:23] going up you know just climbing up some
[03:24] stairs no because if you might you may
[03:27] notice actually maybe you can't see it
[03:28] it's sort of sunk in the ground coming
[03:30] in the water Oh so yeah it's actually
[03:33] sunk under the ground so you have to
[03:35] make try and make you wait under trying
[03:37] to find your way underneath make your
[03:39] way up through the ends of climb the
[03:41] ever light until you get to the top and
[03:46] there should be me snow there can I say
[03:49] don't know what my John's mod name is
[03:52] job my job is in my yeah and you find my
[03:55] John character who is finished the other
[03:56] light and there stood up here just a
[03:59] mooring in his arms go up here that's
[04:04] pretty nice
[04:05] well what I like about this is when you
[04:07] imagined archaeology like when we were
[04:09] starting archaeology as well we wants to
[04:11] push it away from the traditional dusty
[04:14] tombs and yeah so no green fields with
[04:17] moldy walls exactly so like you might
[04:20] you might there are sometimes you're in
[04:21] a cave yeah nothing wrong with that
[04:23] nothing will be a cave every now and
[04:24] again but like much
[04:26] much like the much like outside in the
[04:28] other light you're taking underwater
[04:30] then your final source you're literally
[04:32] digging inside a hellscape storm guard
[04:35] you're in the sky yeah like we wanted to
[04:38] really really like emphasize the the
[04:42] fantastical element I'm a skybox and air
[04:44] is so cool Wow so that is ever light at
[04:52] the surface level yeah just the service
[04:54] level I've ever liked not the the
[04:57] underwater a bit so any other extra
[04:58] beers yeah and to reiterate this is one
[05:00] of five yes I just think about the
[05:02] moment you get the levels to come here
[05:04] yeah I mean just the right I'm though
[05:05] doors up opening opened up go explore
[05:07] yeah camera what this section is this
[05:10] might be like the podium yes definitely
[05:13] I asked the podium yeah than the ashes
[05:15] if someone who didn't owe my sandals no
[05:18] I said that's a sport for one of the dig
[05:21] site digs places you can actually good
[05:22] to get yeah that's what they look like
[05:24] MB yeah let's just go finish the
[05:27] Quidditch area oh yes that's what I'm
[05:30] talking about it's definitely not
[05:33] Quidditch pilot wings or being spraying
[05:37] through there hey three points
[05:40] Mike this is what the stream is now
[05:42] welcome Tim are using it should we
[05:46] finish on that thanks very much Timbo