Transcript of Archaeology Launch Trailer - RuneScape's new skill is here!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] we broken in through the clouds and
[00:04] reach the depths of yet in search of
[00:09] answers we find only mysteries
[00:15] who knows what power we may find in the
[00:18] dust our world's history is violent
[00:31] countless civilizations lost to war five
[00:37] dig sites each shrouding relics of times
[00:42] forgotten
[00:44] the guard walls are a distant memory
[00:47] but our struggle is yet to bear the
[00:52] sands of time whisperer of greater
[00:54] threats if history has taught us
[00:58] anything it's that peace seldom lasts
[01:03] the tale of our past is written
[01:07] but our future story is yours to forge
[01:14] dig deep war is coming
[01:23] you