Dialogue for Archaeologist (Breaking the Storm)

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Overhead lines[edit | edit source]

  • (One of the following is seen randomly:)
    • Archaeologist: Hmm...
    • Archaeologist: Keep that wood coming, we're making good progress.
    • Archaeologist: This magic should be able to protect the vessel from the stormwall.
    • Archaeologist: We need another crate of rivets within the next hour.
    • Archaeologist: We should update King Roald on our progress.
    • Archaeologist: Who made these old blueprints? They're atrocious.

When excavating the crest fragment[edit | edit source]

  • Archaeologist: What are you doing?! Digging in this area is strictly prohibited!
  • Player: Err...
  • Player: Look! A new ancient civilization to exploit.
  • Archaeologist: Ooh! Where?
  • You escape while the archaeologist is distracted.