Transcript of Another Slice of H.A.M. journal entry

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  • I talked to Ambassador Alvijar and agreed to help with the archaeological dig.
  • I went to the train tunnel in south-west Dorgesh-Kaan and talked to Tegdak.
  • I helped extract the remaining artefacts.
  • The only intact artefact was an ancient goblin mace. Zanik and I showed this to the scribe.
  • The scribe suggested that Zanik and I ask the goblin generals about the mace. I talked to Oldak and he teleported us to the Goblin Village.
  • Zanik and I talked to the goblin generals. They told us that the mace was used by ancient goblin warriors to take the favour of the gods away from their enemies. Zanik addressed the Goblin Village, but the Village came under attack by H.A.M. snipers.
  • I killed the H.A.M. snipers in the tower, but I saw Zanik being kidnapped by Sigmund
  • The goblin generals said they will send two goblin sergeants to help me rescue Zanik. They gave me the ancient goblin mace to help with this.
  • I went to Lumbridge Swamp and talked to the goblin sergeants.
  • I snuck through the H.A.M. tunnel and defeated Sigmund.
  • I rescued Zanik.