Transcript of Animal Magnetism journal entry

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  • Ava has asked me for undead chickens. One will go towards making her bed more comfortable, the other will be used in some unexplained reward for me.
  • I need to find someone who will supply undead chickens to me. Perhaps the farm near Port Phasmatys sells them...
  • The ghost farmer wants me to talk to his wife for him. I need to do this before he will sell chickens.
  • I should talk to the crone west of the undead farm and ask about ghostspeak amulets. Perhaps she can enable the ghost farmer to talk to his wife directly.
  • I need to talk to the crone while I have a ghostspeak amulet so that she can create a new amulet specifically for the ghost farmer.
  • I should give the ghost farmer a crone-made amulet so that he can talk directly to his wife.
  • The farmer seems friendlier now; I need to talk to him about the undead chickens.
  • The farmer has agreed to sell chickens,' now he needs to catch one for me.
  • The ghost farmer caught some chickens: now I need to buy 2 and deliver them to Ava.
  • I need to talk to the Witch in Draynor Manor about magically attuned magnets.
  • Apparently, the undead chicken will be using magnets in my reward.
  • I need to deliver 5 iron bars to the Witch in Draynor Manor. She will select one most suitable for both magnetising and mystical use.
  • I need to make a magnet by hammering the selected iron bar while facing north in the Rimmington mines. I then need to pass this magnet to Ava.
  • I need to find some way of chopping the undead trees near Draynor Manor so that Ava can use this wood as a source of unending arrow shafts.
  • Ava suspects that Turael, the Slayer Master in Burthorpe, might be able to help I need to collect a holy symbol of Saradomin and a mithril hatchet. Spria, the Burthorpe Slayer Master, can use these to construct a new hatchet for my undead tree cutting.
  • I need to chop some undead wood with the silver-edged mithril hatchet. Then Ava will want the wood for constructing my reward.
  • I should ask Ava for the garbled research notes that she cannot translate. When translated, these notes will tell her how to combine the undead wood, undead chicken and magnet into some bizarre device.
  • The research notes must be translated. I should try to decipher them even though they look like total gibberish to me.
  • The notes look less confusing now. Ava will want to see these translated research notes.
  • Almost finished! I must combine the pattern which Ava gave to me with some polished buttons and a bit of hard leather.
  • Ava wants the completed container. She can then combine it with the undead chicken, undead wood and magnet.
  • Ava's reward for me is an arrow attracting and creating backpack.
  • The method is this: the undead chicken can attract lost, stray arrowheads with a magnet, add wood from the undead twigs and then finish the arrows using its own feathers. This will give me an unending source of arrows.
  • The cunning bird will also attract some of the arrows which I have fired, preventing these arrows from falling upon the ground.
  • If I lose my device, I can talk to Ava for a new one, although it will cost me around 1000 gold.
  • Once I achieve a Ranged level of 50 or more, I can upgrade the attractor if I give Ava 75 steel arrows. The accumulator can't be upgraded so I should check which one I have before attempting to upgrade.
  • Unfortunately, I can't wear the backpack at the same time as most metal chest armours. I also need to move about a bit so that the contraption can scan fresh areas for arrows.