Dialogue for Ancient Zygomite elder

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Outside Herby Werby[edit | edit source]

  • Ancient Zygomite elder: Waaaaaaaaaaah.
  • Choose an option:
    • What is down there?
      • Player: What's going on down in that hole?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: What hole?
      • Player: That big hole right next to you, with all the roots drooping into the unknown.
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: Waaaaaaaaaaah. This is where the ritual takes place.
      • Player: The ritual?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: Yes. The ritual. We must please the ball of light in the sky!
      • Player: The sun? Why must you please the sun?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: Waaaaaaaaaaah. It nourishes us, makes us feel warm and helps my kind grow. But lately, something is wrong. Something is off. There has been a big shift. Waaaaaaaaaah.
      • Player: What's wrong?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: A lot of the herbs we offered to the ball of light are sick, they're not right. Not right I tell you. I've tried telling my kind to stop burning the healthy herbs, but they're so eager to fix the situation down there that they're picking all the healthy herbs and burning them. If we keep this up, we're going to have no more healthy herbs left and we'll slowly die. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah.
      • Player: Is there anyway I can help?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: You could help us! You can burn the bad, corrupt herbs and stop my kin from burning the healthy herbs. Would you please help?
      • Player: That's what heroes do.
      • Herby Werby is not a time-based D&D. Help the ancient zygomites appease the 'ball of light in the sky' by burning corrupt herbs, remove the herbs from the wall and take them to the firepit in the centre of the room. Stop the ancient zygomites burning healthy herbs. The healthy herbs emit green spores and the corrupt herbs emit purple spores.
    • What are you?
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: I don't know the answer to that question, what are you?
      • Player: I am a human.
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: I am a human too...
      • Player: No you're not... You're like some... Mushy potato thing.
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: I am a mushy potato thing.
      • Player: Wow, now that sounds harsh, you're like a nice plant creature.
      • Ancient Zygomite elder: No I'm not. I'm a 'mushy potato thing'. Thank you. Before you we didn't have a name, but from here on out we shall henceforth be known as; 'The mushy potato things'.
      • Player: Ooops.
    • I only care about rewards.
      • Player: What rewards can I earn?
      • (Herby Werby Reward Shop opens.)
    • (Only after having lost a herb bag:)
      • I lost my herb bag...
        • Ancient Zygomite elder: You lost it?
        • Player: Yeah...
        • Ancient Zygomite elder: Waaaaaaaaaaaaah.
        • Player: I don't suppose I could have another one.
        • Ancient Zygomite elder: I guess. But don't go losing this one as well, okay?
        • You receive a new herb bag.

Using a raw potato[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Here, take this.
  • Ancient Zygomite elder: Waaaaaaaaaaah. What is it?
  • Player: It's a potato.
  • Ancient Zygomite elder: What is a taters?
  • Player: Po-tay-toes. Boil them, mash them... Stick them in a stew!
  • Ancient Zygomite elder: Keep your nasty taters.
  • (If the achievement isn't completed:)
    • Congratulations! You have completed: 'Spud That' - Use a potato on the ancient Zygomite elder.