Dialogue for Ambi

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

One line is selected randomly

  • Ambi: There are worlds where mindless madness is the only salvation.
  • Ambi: There is an ocean of the dead, which you will one day swim.
  • Ambi: There is a place so dark not even hope can light the way.
  • Ambi: Castil kreath fia Roake Kal. Skek Lac Ortius!
  • Ambi: There is a cruel reaper who has a thousand gibbering faces.
  • Ambi: There is an impatient hell that knows your name.
  • Ambi: Must you fight so hard to reduce all the world to mediocrity?
  • Ambi: Fall now, and be forgotten.
  • Ambi: Are you that pinioned by your weakness?
  • Ambi: You should surrender...now.
  • Ambi: There is someone who weeps because you still live.
  • Ambi: There is a time for everything to end; yours approaches.
  • Ambi: There is something with a choking hand for every throat.
  • Ambi: There is a scream so loud you think of it as silence.
  • Ambi: There are maggots in the belly of the beast.
  • Ambi: There is an effigy of a king presiding over a court of corpses.
  • Ambi: There is an empire of stone, ash and bones. It rises.
  • Ambi: Your soul is but a candle in the darkness. I shall snuff it out!
  • Ambi: There is a library of sorrow in which the end of your story is whispered.
  • Ambi: There is a monument built to honour absolute suffering.
  • Ambi: There is a well of malevolence which is close to spilling over.
  • Ambi: There is an absence of god that has learned how to hate.
  • Ambi: There is a stranger that wears a black mask under its skin.
  • Ambi: There is a void that echos with howls of madness.
  • Ambi: There is a chain of souls that spans worlds.
  • Ambi: There is a city of black stone where the screaming never stops.
  • Ambi: There is a stern judge who has already passed your sentence.
  • Ambi: There is a wound in the world, and it is bleeding once again.
  • Ambi: There is a cathedral-chambered heart that beats not blood but nightmares.
  • Ambi: There is a cosmic abortion which swims in the oceans of the dead.
  • Ambi: There is a silent choir who dread the conductor showing its terrible face.
  • Ambi: There is a record of the vilest blasphemy.
  • Ambi: There is an atrocity written in black stone.
  • Ambi: There is an avalanche of horror which gains momentum every heartbeat.
  • Ambi: There is a killing name that makes nations weep.
  • Ambi: There will come a great rending, which none will survive.