Transcript of All Fired Up journal entry

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  • I have agreed to help King Roald test the beacon network that he hopes will serve as an early warning system, should Misthalin and Asgarnia come under attack from Morytania or the Wilderness.
  • I've spoken with the head fire-tender, Blaze Sharpeye, who is stationed near the Temple of Paterdomus, at the source of the River Salve.
  • I've lit the beacon near Blaze by loading it with twenty logs and lighting them with a tinderbox.
  • Blaze has now asked me to light the beacon tended by Squire Pyre, near the Rag and Bone Man's hovel. I've loaded it with logs and set it alight; it's now blazing brightly.
  • Blaze has explained how to maintain a beacon. When the fire begins to die out, five more logs can be added to restore a beacon to its blazing state. I've tended the beacon near Blaze and have reported back to him.
  • I spoke to King Roald who thanked me for helping and rewarded me with 20,000gp and 5,500 Firemaking XP. He told me that if I'm able to light six, ten and all fourteen fires simultaneously, he'll have further rewards for me.