Dialogue for Alice (Treasure Hunter)

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  • Alice: Hi there! It's great to see you.
  • Ask her about herself.
    • Alice: You want to know about me? Sure - ask away.
    • Ask her about her background.
      • Alice: Believe it or not, I'm a princess: Princess Alessandra. Back home, it was an easy life, but one that never really agreed with me. It was nice to have things done for me, sure, but every day was the same - boring, boring, boring. Everything was done for me and I did nothing. I longed to go out into the wide world and have adventures! My parents disagreed - I was to be kept safe and sound, so I could go to endless parties with dull, pompous princes. I couldn't stand it, so one day I just left. The guards searched for weeks! And so, here I am.
    • Ask her about her adventures.
      • Alice: I've been to a lot of places. I've explored the Wilderness, snuck around Canifis and braved the trolls of Trollheim. It wasn't all easy, though - especially at first. I got badly bitten by a bear within a week of my escape from my parents. I nearly gave up then. Adventuring can be hard! I've always liked exploring caves and dungeons, though, so I didn't let that get me down. You never know what you might find...
    • Change the subject.
  • Ask her about Treasure Hunter.
    • Alice: It's very easy - if you've got a Treasure Hunter key, you can open a chest and win a prize.
    • How do I play?
      • Alice: Just click on a chest, and see what you win! It's very simple. One key opens one chest to win one prize.
    • What can I win?
      • Alice: There's loads of prizes to be won! You could win a falling star for some bonus XP, or some resources to help you train a skill. If you're really lucky you could win a super-rare prize and show off to all your friends! You can see the prizes that could be in your next chest on the ticker below the chests.
    • How do I get keys?
      • Alice: Keys are all over the place! You can also find them around the world as you adventure. Not only that, but I'll give you a free key every day you're here - two if you're a member. You can also buy keys directly, and you can earn them through quests and challenges.
    • What do Hearts of Ice do?
      • Alice: Hearts of Ice are magical crystals that you can use to freeze prize categories. If the prize in the chest you choose is in a frozen category, I'll give you a prize from an unfrozen category instead. You can find out more by clicking on the categories button. You can get them when you buy Treasure Hunter keys directly, find keys around the world, or open at least five chests per day.
    • Change the subject.
  • Ask about organising your won items.
    • Alice: I have created a way for you to see all of the items you have won on Treasure Hunter and Squeal of Fortune. You can find out information on all of the items and then decide if you want to keep them. Would you like me to open the interface?
      • Open the interface.
      • Change the subject.
  • Say goodbye.