Dialogue for Al the Camel

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Reason: When saying something unpleasant, the dialogue may begin differently if you haven't completed The Feud yet
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  • What Would You Like To Do
    • Ask the camel about its dung.
      • Player: I'm sorry to bother you, but could you spare me a little dung?
      • Al the Camel: Are you serious?
      • Player: Oh yes. If you'd be so kind...
      • Al the Camel: Well, just you close your eyes first. I'm not doing it while you're watching me!
      • You close your eyes...
      • Al the Camel: I hope that's what you wanted!
      • Player: Ohhh yes. Lovely.
    • Say something unpleasant.
      • The player says one of the following at random:
        • Dialogue 1:
          • Player: If I go near that camel, it'll probably bite my hand off.
          • Al the Camel: Oh, it's you again. Have you come back to listen to my poems?
          • Select An Option
            • I'd love to.
              • Al the Camel: That's so kind of you. Which one would you like to hear? 'Shall I compare thee to a Desert's Day' is my finest yet, but I've also composed others.
              • Select An Option
                • Listen to 'Shall I compare thee to a Desert's Day'.
                  • Al the Camel: That's my favourite poem. Ahem...
                  • Al the Camel: Shall I compare thee to a desert's day? Thou art drier and more rough-skinned;
                  • Al the Camel: Rough sandstorms shake the cacti away And summer's heat defers to autumn wind;
                  • Al the Camel: Sometimes too hot, the eye of heaven shines, With Guthix's gold complexion often dimmed;
                  • Al the Camel: And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or desert's changing course untrimmed;
                  • Al the Camel: But thine eternal desert shall not fade Nor lose possession of that sand thou owest;
                  • Al the Camel: Nor Zamorak brag thou art in his shades, When in eternal lines to sand thou growest;
                  • Al the Camel: So long as camels breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
                  • Al the Camel: Ah, Elly, how beautiful you are.
                • Listen to 'This is just to say'.
                  • Al the Camel: I wrote this poem when I went to the oasis to nibble at a tree, then discovered I'd left nothing for Elly to nibble. I was distraught.
                  • Al the Camel: This is just to say
                  • Al the Camel: I have nibbled / the cacti / that were by / the oasis;
                  • Al the Camel: and which / you were probably / saving / for lunch;
                  • Al the Camel: Forgive me, / they were delicious, / so crunchy / and so cold.
                  • Al the Camel: I wonder if she's forgiven me for eating her snack.
            • No, thank you.
              • Player: No, thank you.
              • Al the Camel: Ah, well. I shall return to writing poems to Elly's beauty.
        • Dialogue 2:
          • Player: Mmm... Looks like that camel would make a nice kebab.
          • Al the Camel: Oh, it's you again. Have you come back to listen to my poems?
          • (Same as above)
        • Dialogue 3:
          • Player: I wonder if that camel has fleas...
          • Al the Camel: Oh, it's you again. Have you come back to listen to my poems?
          • (Same as above)
    • Neither - I'm a polite person.
      • You decide not to be rude.