Dialogue for Al Shabim

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This transcript involves dialogue with Al Shabim and the player.

Before The Tourist Trap[edit | edit source]

  • Al Shabim: Hello Effendi! I am Al Shabim, greetings on behalf of the Bedabin nomads.
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    • Who are you?
      • Player: Who are you?
      • Al Shabim: I am Al Shabim Effendi! I am the leader of the Bedabin peoples!
      • Select an option
        • Okay thanks!
          • Player: Okay Thanks![sic]
          • Al Shabim: Good day Effendi!
        • What is there to do around here?
          • Player: What is there to do around here?
          • Al Shabim: Well, we are all very busy most of the time, tending to the pineapples. They are grown in a secret location, to stop thieves from raiding our most precious prize.
        • What is this place?
          • (Transcript missing. edit)
    • If the player has asked the Desert Mining Camp mercenaries about going into the camp:
      • I am looking for Al Zaba Bhasim.
        • Player: I am looking for Al Zaba Bhasim.
        • First time:
          • Al Shabim: Huh! You have been talking to the guards at the mining camp. Or worse, that cowardly mercenary captain. Al Zaba Bhasim does not exist, he is a figment of their imagination! Go back and tell this captain that if he wants to find this man he should search for him personally. See how much of his own time he would like to waste.
        • Subsequent times:
          • Al Shabim: I've already explained that he doesn't exist. Now, can we move on?
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • Al Shabim: This is the home of the Bedabin. We're a peaceful tribe of desert dwellers. Some idiots call us 'Tenti's', a childish name borne of ignorance. We're renowned for surviving in the harshest desert climate. We also grow the 'Bedabin ambrosia.'... A pineapple of such delicious sumptiousness that it defies description. Take a look around our camp if you like!
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After The Tourist Trap[edit | edit source]

Dialogue starter 1

  • Al Shabim: Hello Effendi!

Dialogue starter 2

  • Al Shabim: Many thanks with your help previously Effendi!