Dialogue for Ahab

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  • Ahab: Arrr, matey!
  • Arrr!
    • Player: Arrr!
    • Ahab: Arrr, matey!
  • Are you going to sit there all day?
    • Player: Are you going to sit there all day?
    • Ahab: Aye, I am. I canna walk, ye see.
    • Player: What's stopping you from walking?
    • Ahab: Arrr, I 'ave only the one leg! I lost its twin when my last ship went down.
    • Player: But I can see both your legs!
    • Ahab: Nay, young laddie, this be a false leg. For years I had me a sturdy wooden peg-leg, but now I wear this dainty little feler. Yon peg-leg kept getting stuck in the floorboards.
    • Player: Right...
    • Ahab: Perhaps a bright young laddie like yerself would like to help me? I be needing another ship to go a-hunting my enemy.
    • Player: Well, I do have a ship that I'm not using. It's the Lady Lumbridge.
    • Ahab: Arrr! That ship be known to me, and a fine lass she is.
    • Player: I suppose she might be...
    • Ahab: So would ye be kind enough to let me take her out to sea?
    • Player: I had to pay 2000 gp for that ship. Have you got that much?
    • Ahab: Nay, I have nary a penny to my name. All my worldly goods went down with me old ship.
    • Player: So you're actually asking me to give you a free ship.
    • Ahab: Arrr! Would ye be so kind?
    • Player: No I jolly well wouldn't!
    • Ahab: Arrr.

Special dialogue[edit | edit source]

When trying to take his beer
  • Ahab: Oi matey, leave my beer alone!
  • Player: Sorry!
When trying to telegrab his beer
  • Ahab: Oi matey, no casting spells on my beer!