Dialogue for Agmundi

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  • Agmundi: Oh no, not another human... what do you want then?
  • Player: Oh, do you get humans here often?
  • Agmundi: Not that often, no, but sometimes. Of course, since you people are too big for dwarven clothes, they typically don't stay very long.
  • Player: Why don't you make bigger clothes then?
  • Agmundi: What'd be the point? Besides, I don't make these clothes myself.
  • Select An Option
    • Who makes these clothes then?
      • Player: Who makes these clothes then?
      • Agmundi: Oh, my sister, she lives in Keldagrim-East. Has a little stall on the other side of the Kelda. If she only worked a little harder, like me, she wouldn't have to live in the sewers of the city. Shame really.
      • Player: The sewers? Your sister lives in the sewers?
      • Agmundi: Keldagrim-East, such a ghastly place. Not civil, polite and clean like we are in the West.
      • Player: Uh-huh.
    • I still want to buy your clothes.
      • Store opens.
    • So do you have any quests for me?
      • Player: So do you have any quests for me?
      • Agmundi: Quests? Why would I have any quests?
      • Player: Oh, just anything to do would be fine.
      • Agmundi: No, not right now... maybe I'll have something for you to do later, but nothing at the moment.