Dialogue for Agility Boss

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If wearing the ring of Charos[edit | edit source]

  • Player: How do I use the agility course?
  • Agility Boss: I'll throw you a stick, which you need to fetch as quickly as possible, from the area beyond the pipes.
  • Agility Boss: Be wary of the deathslide - you must hang by your teeth, and if your strength is not up to the job you will fall into a pit of spikes. Also, I would advise not carrying too much extra weight.
  • Agility Boss: Bring the stick back to the werewolf waiting at the end of the death slide to get your agility bonus.
  • Agility Boss: I will throw your stick as soon as you jump onto the first stone.

If not wearing the ring of Charos[edit | edit source]

  • Agility Boss: Grrr - you don't belong in here, human!
    • (If wearing the werewolf outfit)
      • Player: Erm, I'm not a human. I'm a werewolf. You can tell by my sharp pointed teeth.
      • Agility Boss: You reek of human.
      • Agility Boss: And your teeth are made of felt.
      • Player: It could have worked.
      • Agility Boss: No, really it couldn't.