Dialogue for Adventurer (Deep Sea Fishing)

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  • Adventurer: What a jolly good day to be out here on the sea, isn't it? The air just smells of adventure!
  • Select an option
    • I agree! Every day can be an adventure.
      • Player: I agree! Every day can be an adventure.
      • Adventurer: I like your attitude! I want to become a famous swashbuckler one day, roam the oceans and command my own crew.
      • Adventurer: Like the famous Portmaster Player. He is my hero!
      • Player: Why, thank you!
      • Adventurer: By Guthix, you're him, aren't you? I recognise you now! Gosh, this must be the best day of my life. Thank you for encouraging me.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
    • I only smell seaweed and salt.
      • Player: I only smell seaweed and salt.
      • Adventurer: Seems like someone here is even saltier than the sea. I hope you can cheer up a little.
      • (Returns to the initial options.)
    • What's with all the jellyfish?
      • Adventurer: Oh, these things? Odd, aren't they?
      • Adventurer: Er, one of them is a delicacy, and the other one, well, isn't.
      • Adventurer: Stuffed if I can remember which is which, though. Guess you'll have to find out yourself!
      • Adventurer: But that's what adventuring is about? Am I right?
      • Player: Yeah, you sure are...
      • (Returns to the initial options.)