Dialogue for Acheron mammoth

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Challenging to a duel[edit | edit source]

Player's statement[edit | edit source]

When initiating a fight with an Acheron mammoth, the player automatically says one of the following lines:

  • Player: CHAAAAARGE!
  • Player: En garde!
  • Player: Good sir, I challenge you to a duel.
  • Player: I challenge thee to a duel.
  • Player: I mock your ancestors!
  • Player: I'd throw down my gloves, but they're rather pricey.
  • Player: Let's do this!
  • Player: Mammoth! I challenge you!
  • Player: Manners maketh man
  • Player: Round one: FIGHT!

Mammoth's response[edit | edit source]

The mammoth will then respond with one of their lines respective to what the player said:

  • Acheron mammoth: That's my job!
  • Acheron mammoth: Ahaa as you wish.
  • Acheron mammoth: I accept your challenge!
  • Acheron mammoth: I'm sorry you feel the need to throw your life away.
  • Acheron mammoth: Yours are not even worthy of that.
  • Acheron mammoth: You're going to need them to defeat me!
  • Acheron mammoth: I trust you have a good note about how your remains will be handled?
  • Acheron mammoth: Prepare to join your ancestors!
  • Acheron mammoth: Are we going to stand here talking, or are we going to fight?
  • Acheron mammoth: Erm... yes?

Named mammoths[edit | edit source]

If the "Mammoth! I challenge you!" option is said, the mammoth may say "My name is <name>!". When this happens, it will also change their name label to the name they said.

  • Anthony: My name is Anthony.
  • Ashley: My name is Ashley.
  • Daniel: My name is Daniel.
  • Henrik: My name is Henrik.
  • James: My name is James.
  • Liam: My name is Liam.
  • Luke: My name is Luke.
  • Nils: My name is Nils.
  • Thomas: My name is Thomas.
  • Wing: My name is Wing.

Other mechanics[edit | edit source]


  • Your dishonourable conduct during the duel has angered the gods, who refuse to listen to your prayers any longer.
  • All prayers are disabled.