Dialogue for Ace

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Ace: When do we next head into battle?
  • Player: Actually, I was thinking about doing some skilling.
  • Ace: This is a disappointment. I would like to suggest a change of heart.
Conversation 2
  • Ace: Greetings, Player. I am Ace, the most feared aerial combatant west of the Eastern Lands.
  • Player: Nice to make your acquaintance. What sort of battles have you been engaged in?
  • Ace: Ah well, remember the mouse uprising at the culmination of the 5th age?
  • Player: Um... no?
  • Ace: Oh, well my squadron and I defeated them, pushing them back, saving your precious human cities once more.
  • Ace: I guess you were distracted with some God-related drama, that's all I seem to hear reports of these days; not much for a humble bird to get involved in there.
Conversation 3
  • Ace: 'Here I go, flying through the sky. Look out mouse, you're going to die!'
  • Player: Inspired lyrics.
  • Ace: And you haven't even heard the best bit.
  • Ace: 'Hello dinner, it's time to eat you up. I'll see you in a few hours when you're coming out my-'
  • Player: STOP! I've heard enough!