Dialogue for Acca Gielinor

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This transcript involves dialogue with Acca Gielinor and the player.

Before visiting Mazcab[edit | edit source]

  • Acca Gielinor: Hello native human! I am Acca Gielinor, elder of the goebie settlers on this planet.
  • Player: Oh, hello!
  • Acca Gielinor: You haven't ever been to our homeworld, have you? Our brothers there could use the help of a fine adventurer like you in their fight against the airut. If you want to get there you need only step through the world window. You'll find it on the back of the devourer, Tuska, on the western side of the desert.
  • (Continues below)

After Call of the Ancestors[edit | edit source]

  • Acca Gielinor: Hello native human! I am Acca Gielinor, elder of the goebie settlers on this planet.
  • Player: Oh, hello!
  • Acca Gielinor: You have been to our homeworld, Mazcab, haven't you? Tell me, how are our brothers fairing against the airut?
  • Select an option
    • With our help, they're fighting back!
      • Player: Adventurers from Gielinor have been helping them fight back. They're doing a good job!
      • If <Unknown trigger>
        • Player: I even helped Tunks and his friends unlock the power of your ancestors. Their magic is sure to help them overthrow the airut!
      • Acca Gielinor: My my, that's excellent news!
    • They're holding their own.
      • Player: They seem to be holding their own. Otot and Kanatah are still standing.
      • Acca Gielinor: Ah good, it bring me comfort to know they haven't succumbed to their oppressors.
    • They're struggling, but surviving.
      • Player: They were definitely struggling, but surviving... Just.
      • Acca Gielinor: Oh dear. I hope they find the strength to fight back against their oppressors, or join us here on Gielinor.
    • What does Acca mean?
      • Acca Gielinor: An Acca is the leader of a village. The eldest of all the goebies there, with the largest rock upon their back! It is both a blessing and a burden. I bear my rock with pride, but these young goebs all look to me to lead them in this unfamiliar place.
    • Why have you come to Gielinor?
      • Acca Gielinor: I decided to lead these young goebs away from the airut. We spent too long under their feet, being tortured and enslaved. The world window scared us, yes, but we had seen many adventurers come through it. I marched these brave goebies to the other side. To the promised lands! This is where our people will rise up once more.
    • Why have you settled in the desert?
      • Acca Gielinor: Ah yes, we have heard there are other lands. Lands like Nemi forest and like the great volcanoes... Even cold fields of white! One day we will explore them, but the desert lands are the first we came to and they are much like home. We know how to build here and survive. In time we will prosper.
      • Player: Have you spoken to the locals yet?
      • Acca Gielinor: Oh yes, I almost forgot! We have made friends with the local goats. They appear to be the rulers of these lands. I have already met with their Acca. The language barrier made things difficult, but I am fairly certain they have agreed to supply us with milk.
      • Player: I think those goats belong to the people of Nard-
      • Acca Gielinor: Feel free to sample from the herd. They are finer than any goat I have seen on Mazcab!
    • What are you planning to do next?
      • Acca Gielinor: First we will build up our village here, then we will explore Gielinor. We have heard rumours of an academy that trains people to fight, a vast city of stone where adventurers trade equipment and resources, even a tiny lady who rewards people for doing her tasks!
      • Player: You certainly have a lot to discover!
    • Goodbye.
      • (Dialogue ends)