Dialogue for Abyssal demon head (mounted)

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Conversations[edit | edit source]

Player Owned Head[edit | edit source]

  • Abyssal demon: Have you considered visiting THE ABYSS?
    • Player: I visit the abyss all the time.
      • Abyssal demon: I bet you just rush through it though. Everyone in there is in such a rush. No one stops to appreciate the beauty of THE ABYSS.
        • Player: I have to run through quickly or I'll die.
          • Abyssal demon: Death is a small thing compared to the beauty of THE ABYSS.
        • Player: The abyss looks pretty ugly to me.
          • Abyssal demon: Poor deluded fool. There is no hope for you at all.
    • Player: It's too scary for me.
      • Abyssal demon: But does not the fear contribute to your appreciation of THE ABYSS?
        • Player: No, it's just scary.
          • Abyssal demon: Poor human. You must not judge THE ABYSS by the standards of this world. You must learn to embrace your fear as part of the experience of THE ABYSS.
        • Player: I suppose fear does heighten the senses.
          • Abyssal demon: Then you should enhance them further by raising the stakes. Next time you go to THE ABYSS you should take all your most valuable items with you.
    • Player: Could I get an abyssal whip?
      • Abyssal demon: You must take all of your gold and most valued items, and take them to THE ABYSS without weapons or armour.
      • Player: And then will I get an abyssal whip?
      • Abyssal demon: You'll get an ABYSSAL WHIPPING!
      • Player: That pun was abyssmal.

Guest conversation[edit | edit source]

  • Player: House owner killed an abyssal demon! Cool!
  • Abyssal demon: Cool for him maybe. How would you like to be stuck on a wall?