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Above the Lore Episode 6: The Story Behind the World Event[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Osborne: So hello again, and welcome to Above the Lore, where we talk about RuneScape while wearing hats, but no trousers.
  • Mod Moltare: I'm wearing my trousers as a hat.


  • Mod Osborne: That's entirely true. I'm Mod Osborne, one of the senior narrative designers, and today the focus is on the big talking point of the past couple of weeks, which is the theme and future of the World Events, which hopefully you've all played. We have Mod Raven, serial podcaster. He's developer on the World Event and probably the dark heart of Jagex, we'll say. And Mod Moltare, one of the rookies of the podcast.
  • Mod Moltare: Yes. It's my first time. Be gentle.
  • Mod Osborne: We won't. He's designer for the World Event, and probably the seductive voice of Jagex.
  • Mod Moltare: Hello.
  • Mod Osborne: That's probably too much for a PG event, I'd say. Okay, so straight onto the group questions, if you don't mind, about the world event and its features. So, how has the release gone for you so far, do you think? Be honest.
  • Mod Raven: There have been a few teething problems. Some unforeseen problems.
  • Mod Osborne: I think anything that size is gonna have trouble.
  • Mod Raven: On the whole, not too badly. Saradomin is in a bit more of a lead than we expected. But, I think it's gone, accounting for those teething problems, not too badly.
  • Mod Moltare: On my wanderings on my live account, subtly not being a mod and seeing what people say, I've seen a lot of people trash-talking the various gods which on the battlefield.
  • Mod Osborne: Which was exactly what we wanted!
  • Mod Moltare: Which was fantastic. That's the sort of result I like to see.


  • Mod Osborne: I'm getting a sense that you did quite predict that Saradomin would be this far ahead. We had a period of creating this, obviously.
  • Mod Raven: To be honest, I thought that Zamorak would be way ahead.
  • Mod Osborne: God be with you! I hate to say it, but I'm surprised how many Zarosians turned to Saradomin, for example.
  • Mod Raven: Yeah.
  • Mod Moltare: Yes.
  • Mod Osborne: It makes sense.
  • Mod Moltare: The amount of betrayal in the past.
  • Mod Osborne: That's it. They both represent a certain kind of nefarious, so I thought it would be a natural move to Zamorak, but no, people are staying with the lore. That's great. So, yeah, we didn't quite predict. Not by this degree.
  • Mod Moltare: He is the less objectionable choice, I suppose. If you follow neither god, you can either follow Saradomin, whose track record is not perfect, let's say, but he doesn't have the same penchant for chaos and destruction at random that Zamorak does.
  • Mod Osborne: Twiddling of moustaches and that sort of thing.
  • Mod Raven: I think Zamorak has been generally pure and unadulterated evil. Even if...
  • Mod Osborne: Which is something we want to change, actually. I mean, yeah, that impression isn't quite true, is it? Certainly the God Emissaries...
  • Mod Raven: That's what people still think of when they think of Zamorak.
  • Mod Osborne: That's the idea, isn't it? We're trying to seed that idea there. If there is chaos and destruction, generally there is good that comes out of it. Big ideas, big people, big events. So, yeah. Do you think there is a reason Saradomin is so popular? There is something about Saradomin that is so popular? We've actually been showing his "do as I say, not do as I do" thing.
  • Mod Raven: I think out of the two though, he is still notionally the good guy out of the two. And people, I don't know why, but a lot of people go for the good guy kind of thing. They like to support who they think of as the more heroic faction.
  • Mod Osborne: Sure.
  • Mod Raven: In our opening cutscene, we do have Saradomin sort of defending Lumbridge. He's not really. He's just hitting Zamorak. It just looks like he's defending.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah. Do you get a sense that people have chosen Saradomin perhaps because they feel he's willing, and I will get my reward because he's winning.
  • Mod Raven: I think some people do think like that. There is no reward for being on the winning team. The reward is purely the choice of which god has won this.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, but there will be dialogue in solo content that reflects what that choice was. In a sense, there was a reward, but you'll get that for both sides, no matter what you pick,
  • Mod Moltare: But reward-driven players, the ones that want the rewards that you get form playing the game.
  • Mod Osborne: That's it.
  • Mod Moltare: Can perfectly well get gear and experience lamps and emotes and title from either side, or that's not based on who wins this event.
  • Mod Osborne: Gotcha. So, our aim is that people are purely picking on who they're aligned to.
  • Mod Moltare: On however they made their choice.
  • Mod Osborne: Exactly. Okay, do you think... Last time I checked, Saradomin was at 75% of the votes. Is it somewhere still along that line?
  • Mod Moltare: It swung back, by a certain amount.
  • Mod Osborne: Okay.
  • Mod Moltare: 60-40? 65-35?

[Transcriber's Note: For reference, the percentage score at time of writing is 58-42.]

  • Mod Osborne: So there is hope for the chaos god.
  • Mod Moltare: Zamorak has rallied a little overnight, for sure.
  • Mod Osborne: Do you think that can be overturned, that lead?
  • Mod Raven: There a number of players who have suggested that they are going to be swapping sides, trying to get rewards from both sides. Of course, if they do that later on, they'll be pushing for Zamorak, so I think we might see Zamorak get a gain.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah.
  • Mod Moltare: And as the event goes on, there'll be more opportunities to get tears quicker.
  • Mod Osborne: Right.
  • Mod Moltare: The daily limit remains the same, but as it becomes possibly to get those slightly quicker amounts of tears, I'd imagine we might see people rallying to Zamorak.
  • Mod Osborne: It would kind of escalate.
  • Mod Moltare: As people switch sides, as they fickly do, just to gain the rewards that suit their mercenary nature in these cases... I could certainly see that this battle is not yet over.

[Mod Raven laughs throughout.]

  • Mod Moltare: Yes, and there'll be a number of reasons to check back in, weren't there? It's not going to be in stasis. It's not going to stay like this. There are changes that are coming. New things to vote on, new things to bring to the battlefield, new random events on the battlefield. Yeah, there's a lot to see yet.
  • Mod Osborne: Cool. I don't suppose you can talk about this, but I'll try anyway, pry some information out of you. What will happen once this ends? Obviously, this is a temporary piece of content. It's going to end. What will happen?
  • Mod Raven: Don't want to say too much, but the choice will be relevant. It's probably the best I can say at this point, really.
  • Mod Moltare: Obviously at the end of this, one god is going to defeat the other. The precise outcome of that is something I am not at liberty to say.
  • Mod Osborne: Sure. Will there be a sense of permanence, persistence to this?
  • Mod Moltare: Of course. The balance of power in the pantheon will be changed very significantly.
  • Mod Osborne: Gotcha.
  • Mod Moltare: That's about all.
  • Mod Osborne: Alright... When you came up with this, let's go back to the design stages. I don't know when that was. Four or five months ago?
  • Mod Moltare: Four months.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, roughly four months. There was a point when you chose Saradomin and Zamorak. What informed that decision? Why did you choose those two?
  • Mod Moltare: It's the classic conflict, I think. In the very earliest days of RuneScape, when we were just establishing a real storyline, a real pantheon, Saradomin and Zamorak were order and chaos. When they were less well understood, they were good and evil, and that is very much still on the players' minds.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes.
  • Mod Moltare: So, as gods who would be instantly recognizable and gods whose philosophies are probably the easiest to rasp, they make good protagonists for each side.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah.
  • Mod Moltare: When we're calling people to pick a side, it would be a more fundamental choice then, say, Seren versus the Godless would be.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes, that is true. There's also a sense that I hadn't seen Zamorak before, and I quite liked that notion of "I'm finally getting to see him," and I'll get to see how he's progressed from being a Mahjarrat, which was quite cool. I suppose location also played a part. Location played a part, would you say?
  • Mod Moltare: Yes.
  • Mod Osborne: We determined quite early, or at least Mark determined quite early, that it had to be in Lumbridge.
  • Mod Moltare: Mod Mark was keen on it being a place that was instantly recognizable. I was very keen on it being a place that was within the free area because I didn't want to exclude anyone from the world event. Lumbridge Castle, obviously, is iconic.
  • Mod Osborne: Yep. You spawn there, you teleport there, sometimes players start there if they haven't played the game for a while.
  • Mod Moltare: It's the source of many earlier quests, where you're baking the duke a lovely cake, for example. There's enough there that we didn't want to destroy the whole castle. That would have been a nightmare.

[Transcriber's Note: This is a subtle reference to Jagex's 2013 April Fool's joke, which featured a musical based on The Cook's Assistant. Mod Moltare had lines in it, including "making [the duke] a lovely cake."]

  • Mod Osborne: That'd be trouble.
  • Mod Moltare: On many, many levels.


  • Mod Moltare: But we did want it close enough to there that it was recognizable, close enough to there that the change to the landscape was clear and significant.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, absolutely. I remember some chats that we have when I wandered in from my quest bunker. "Why don't we have it from Morytania into, say, Paterdomus? Over the Salve? The Salve is down." You made it immediately clear that it wouldn't be possible to have vampyres. Slightly out of the free area, and things like that. And I remember notions you were talking about, like Varrock at one point.
  • Mod Moltare: Obviously, there are more World Events to come.


  • Mod Osborne: Ooh, indeed.
  • Mod Moltare: We can't rule out any particular location.
  • Mod Osborne: Absolutely. Why didn't we choose Zaros, for example? I know a lot of players are eager to see Zaros.
  • Mod Moltare: He's busy at the moment, as far as I'm aware.


  • Mod Osborne: For me, yeah... What you can probably guess at the moment is that we wanted Zaros to be at the forefront of story content. The reason for me is that I don't see Zaros as the kind to go to all-out war with somebody else. Traditionally, he has done that in the past, admittedly, in kind of the Third Ages. I feel that Zaros is doing something behind the scenes.

[Transcriber's Note: Lorefail. Zaros wasn't here during the Third Age.]

  • Mod Raven: He's a subtle god.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes, he's pulling the strings. This time he's learnt. Last time, he was too much in the public eye, and that was what caused the whole Zamorak Incident. So now he's kind of...
  • Mod Moltare: The Zamorak Incident.


  • Mod Moltare: Zamorak-gate. That's cool.
  • Mod Osborne: I like that. I'm going to use that. Scribble, scribble. So, Zaros we have big plans for. I think you'll be really interested in them, but a world event doesn't seem to suit. What about Armadyl, Bandos, Seren, some of the other bigger characters.
  • Mod Moltare: Armadyl and Bandos... That's an interesting idea.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, why not?
  • Mod Moltare: Armadyl versus Bandos, hmm...
  • Mod Osborne: Okay.

[Laughter.] [Transcriber's Note: Combining the facts that Moltare brought up Armadyl and Bandos completely unprovoked, Osborne had a peculiar inflection when he said "why not?", Moltare was muttering under his breath when he said "Armadyl versus Bandos, the laughter after Osborne's last comment, AND they changed the topic without answering the question, Armadyl versus Bandos is all but confirmed.]

  • Mod Osborne: And, um, obviously Zamorak has been in-game before. You've got a sense of what Mahjarrat looks like. What informed his look? Where did that come from? Kind of Pringles moustache?


  • Mod Moltare: Once you pop, you can't stop.
  • Mod Raven: It was pointed out to me that it doesn't have to be a moustache, it could just be a weird face.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah. It was never meant to be a moustache.

[Talking over each other.]

  • Mod Moltare: Saradomin does look like one of our artists.
  • Mod Raven: This is true.
  • Mod Osborne: Saradomin does look like... In fact, he's been in a number of videos. Try to spot who Saradomin looks like, from our team.
  • Mod Moltare: Saradomin look-a-like contest! Zamorak's appearance is Mahjarrat-plus.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes.
  • Mod Moltare: They've got the spikes and horns on their head... ...the vaguely reptilian eyes, and all of that is blown up to godly proportion, the same way Saradomin's race of blue men.
  • Mod Osborne: No, Saradomin was a human. This is true.
  • Mod Moltare: He's just been drinking a lot of piperacillin.

[Transcriber's Note: Mod Osborne chose a bad time to talk over Moltare, so I can't be completely sure that's the right drug. Piperacillin is an antibiotic similar to penicillin, which is made from blue and white molds.]

  • Mod Osborne: He has. This is something that obviously hasn't been communicated widespread, but Saradomin is perhaps our only human god. This is an extrapolated form of the human form, so he's gone blue and big, and a white beard. So yes, very much human. Armadyl is an extrapolation of the Aviansie form, and Zamorak is a Mahjarrat plus one. It was actually concept artists who came back to us. I remember talking to them and saying I wanted an exaggerated look for a Mahjarrat to come through for Zamorak, and they came back with this cracking idea of an antler-face, which really does look good! Obviously, we're making it seem slightly cheaper than it is It's really a strong, big footprint that he has.
  • Mod Moltare: We get quite close to the art and to the models as we see them develop, so we do get quite facetious with it, so when you take a step back and look, it's impressive.
  • Mod Osborne: The amount of time we have spent on two of the other gods that haven't been shown yet was huge.
  • Mod Moltare: Oh yeah.
  • Mod Osborne: A number of meetings just to get it right. Okay, so Saradomin kind of came back in the World Wakes, and Zamorak we know, kind of, is at the bottom of Daemonheim, or was at the bottom of Daemonheim. What do we think has been happening since that, since there has been a period of time since those events.
  • Mod Raven: Zamorak has mostly been clawing his way into Gielinor, as you can see by that black portal that was there. Zamorak has been scraping away...
  • Mod Osborne: From his place, close to the bottom of Daemonheim. Moia would have been involved in that, I imagine.
  • Mod Moltare: Using what influence he had over Moia.
  • Mod Osborne: Absolutely. And whatever role Bilrach played in that, alive or dead, which we may reveal in future. That's certainly the hope anyways.

[Mod Raven giggles throughout.]

  • Mod Osborne: So, Saradomin has been... There's been a period of time. What's he doing? Has he just been playing solitaire?
  • Mod Raven: I imagine he's been building his power base and gathering his followers back together.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes. I imagine the general that we've seen, whose name I can never pronounce...
  • Mod Moltare: Padomenes.
  • Mod Osborne: Padomenes, there we go. I'll have to add that to the pronunciation guide. For example, he would have gathered him probably from the Icyene homeworld and would have returned back there. Will Lumbridge stay blown up forever, says my script.
  • Mod Moltare: There's a great big crater there.
  • Mod Osborne: Can they not fill it in?
  • Mod Moltare: I don't imagine they have any earthmovers around. Unless they use earth wizards from the Wizard's Tower, that crater will be there.
  • Mod Osborne: Taking over the HAM dungeon.
  • Mod Moltare: Certainly never say never.
  • Mod Osborne: That's a heck of a paddling pool.
  • Mod Raven: I'm sure other things will make use of it.
  • Mod Moltare: Yes.
  • Mod Osborne: Ah, interesting. So it will have a purpose.
  • Mod Moltare: Oh yes. As for the town itself, that's hard to say. There are people there, and I'm sure they won't take kindly to living in burned out ruins forever.
  • Mod Osborne: So it may be that we'll retell stories or do something that involves the rebuilding.
  • Mod Moltare: There is potential there to have something surrounding the rebuilding of Lumbridge. The duke in his weekly content that the players can vote on for bonus experience...
  • Mod Osborne: I saw that.
  • Mod Moltare: Thank you. Is already taking steps to minimize what damage is done to his town, to shore up his defenses, to prepare for the worst. He' s not going to sit back while this battle goes on. He's going to protect his people.
  • Mod Osborne: So the sense is, we really want to make this an organic town that grows and recovers, and that crater may change as well. Cool.
  • Mod Moltare: That's my druthers, yeah.
  • Mod Osborne: What are the gods scrapping over. In the cutscene, we see a goo, and in the world event. Sorry, maybe not a goo.
  • Mod Moltare: Crystals.
  • Mod Osborne: Crystals, sorry.
  • Mod Moltare: So, when Guthix was killed, sorry spoilers.

[Transcriber's Note: Reference to podcast two, when Mod Raven said that Guthix had died, and Raven warned about spoilers immediately after he had said that. It has since become a running gag.]

  • Mod Osborne: It's alright, it's fine!
  • Mod Moltare: When Guthix was killed, a lot of the energy that he had held within him as a major god was released, was freed up, especially in places of major significance to Guthix. The Tears of Guthix cave below Lumbridge, that's way off that way, but I just waved.


  • Mod Moltare: The Fist of Guthix area and all of those sorts of places are now repositories of free energy to those who can use it. Now a human can't just pick up a crystal of godly energy and start firing god power at people, but the gods will very much be interested in locating sources of the leftover power of Guthix.
  • Mod Osborne: Absolutely. This is something we've determined because when Zaros half-died, there was a transfer of energy. There is an energy that comes from the death or moving down of the hierarchy of a god. It's explosive. It comes with some sort of energy burst. Guthix is Tier 2, he's one of the highest gods that we've got, so his death would have diffused this quite widespread. There's also the sense that we made it clear that the barrier around the world was physical. That's something we didn't know before. The Edicts were physical, and that has come down, it somehow collected in places, that it formed tears of Guthix around Guthixian areas is something we're trying to seed.

[Talking over each other.]

  • Mod Osborne: Yes, sorry. Is something we'll seed in future content. It will be used in future content. So, let's talk about the characters around the encampment. Probably the most noteworthy is Kara-Meir, who is a character from the novels. We've often talked about whether the novels are canon. So what was the thinking behind putting Kara-Meir in there? ... It was my thinking, wasn't it?


  • Mod Osborne: I just barged in and said "Could we, could we, could we?" he thinking of the novels in terms of canons is that it's canon unless it contravenes. We want to reflect it if we can. The bits that we think are valuable, we'll show in the game. But there will be elements in the book that don't necessarily match up with the RuneScape world. That was obviously artistic license in Church's part. He used scale theory and horses, which we've talked about, and not having in RuneScape. We want to draw from the book, it's a resource to take from, but it's fine if it contradicts. We're using it as a resource. And Kara-Meir seems suitable. As a Godless, I think she really suits.
  • Mod Moltare: I do like Kara-Meir's character. IN the books, she was definitely a girl. Now she's come back as a woman. She learned some things, become a little more defense, and turned in on herself than she was in the books.
  • Mod Osborne: Yep.
  • Mod Moltare: And who can blame her after the events of those three books? She's become a member of the Godless faction, a high-ranking member of the Godless faction. Obviously, that will be more significant as the Godless are developed on further.
  • Mod Osborne: When they become more in the story.
  • Mod Moltare: But in the meantime, she makes an excellent point of contact for people who are just getting into the world event; She likes neither of the gods. She likes none of the gods. She'll give you her honest opinion.
  • Mod Osborne: Sure.
  • Mod Moltare: Right between the eyes.
  • Mod Osborne: There's Moia, of course, who you didn't write, did you Mod Crow?
  • Mod Raven: Nadir.
  • Mod Moltare: Mod Crow? That's Mod Raven.
  • Mod Raven: I'm Mod Raven, yeah!
  • Mod Osborne: How dare you! I'm going to get slapped after this.
  • Mod Raven: We're nothing alike!
  • Mod Osborne: I know, I know, it's birds! I get confused with the birds. There's even Mod Phoenix now. What am I meant to do with this? All of these bird-based mods... Sorry. One of our other mods took over your Fremennik Saga storylines. But you're a big fan of Moia.
  • Mod Raven: I like Moia. I'm love how she progressed in her saga. Personally, I definitely wanted to use her again because I think she's an interesting character. When you take her out of her original role, science experiment gone wrong with Lucien, she can be quite interesting. It was nice to reuse her, especially in something like this, where you can show quite how awesome she is.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes. She has grown and improved.
  • Mod Raven: She's Zamoraks general. Out of all the people he could have chosen, demons and other monstrosities, she chose her.
  • Mod Osborne: What I like about it is that Zamorak has come from Daemonheim and grabbed Moia to take with him. There is a feeling that there's going to be more of that, isn't there? Grabbing certain things from Daemonheim that he took on the way. Obviously, I won't reveal what that is, but there is that feeling that Zamorak kind of grabbed some stuff. Is that true? I'm not lying.
  • Mod Raven: It's safe to say that he may have borrowed certain things.
  • Mod Osborne: With the inclusion of Moia, it sort of half answers what happened down there, which quite a few people are interested in. So, will there be future world events. Have we actually mentioned that, that there will be future world events?
  • Mod Moltare: We have mentioned that this is World Event One.


  • Mod Moltare: In the same way as you didn't call it world event one until there was as second one...
  • Mod Osborne: Alright, so there will be more of them. Do we know how many?
  • Mod Moltare: We don't know how many. Mod Mark is very keen that there be multiple of them. I am working on the second of them, and I'm thinking in vague terms about a third.
  • Mod Osborne: Will this second World Event be sixth age oriented? Will it be god oriented?
  • Mod Moltare: It will prominently feature two different gods. It will take place over a larger area than this one.
  • Mod Osborne: over a similar time period, with a sense of escalation?
  • Mod Moltare: With a sense of escalation, definitely. I can't commit on a time period. We're still learning based on World Event 1. We may make it shorter. We may make it denser.
  • Mod Osborne: Is it true that you're changing World Event 2 now based on what happens in World Event 1?
  • Mod Moltare: The design of World Event 2 is changing based on what we found..
  • Mod Osborne: Great. Last question to both of you before we move onto the question roulette. Where is Zaros? Can we expect him in a world event? I half-answered this one, in that we're saving him for story, but I suppose we can talk a little bit more. Do you have a know?
  • Mod Moltare: Do you have a know?
  • Mod Raven: Do you have a know?
  • Mod Osborne: Do you have a know?!


  • Mod Osborne: I'm changing language as we speak. Do you have a sense, an inkling your sense.
  • Mod Raven: I have things I'd like him to be doing, but...
  • Mod Osborne: He's been watching. He's obviously been stopped by the edicts form coming down, but edicts are now down. But for me, there's an additional barrier to Zaros coming back in that he doesn't have a body. He has abandoned his body.
  • Mod Moltare: He ain't got no body.
  • Mod Osborne: That's nice. I think we've got a quest name there.
  • Mod Raven: Please no.
  • Mod Osborne: That is an obstacle, and I feel it would be too cheap to bring him back... To have him has a vessel... It would be nice to explore how he comes back.
  • Mod Raven: I think it should be something more individual.
  • Mod Osborne: I think you're right. It's choice-oriented. Different players have different onions on how Zaros should come back, if Zaros should come back at all. They should have sort of choice in that. That's what we're talking about for the future of Zaros' story.

[Mod Raven giggles.]

  • Mod Osborne: That's it for the group questions. Now for the quick-fire question roulette, which is designed to be fast-paced, just rattling off questions at you. It rarely ever is, so don't worry about answering quickly. We can linger. So, first question from EdwardMarch. "Will Guthix be reincarnated as a cat?" I love this question.
  • Mod Moltare: What. What. What. WHAT?!
  • Mod Osborne: Specifically as a cat, will he be? Actually, I think this comes from a certain place. I think there was an anagram that Guthix was a cat, from somewhere. I may be lying. Sorry, EdwardMarch, if I'm getting this entirely wrong.

[Transcriber's Note: To my knowledge, Osborne is wrong on this one.]

  • Mod Moltare: people said Bob was Zaros, as well.
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, true.
  • Mod Moltare: Do you believe everything a cat tells you?
  • Mod Osborne: I don't know if this comes from Robert the Strong was reincarnated as a cat, could Guthix be as well? I think this comes from a place where we don't want Guthix to come back.
  • Mod Raven: My normal quip whenever someone mentions if Guthix will come back is, "He dead. He very dead."
  • Mod Osborne: I think it's important that Guthix is dead. He sacrificed himself. He is being dribbled across the world.
  • Mod Moltare: And a fair portion of that into the adventurer.
  • Mod Osborne: Yes, and a fair portion into the adventurer. It would be kind of strange if a portion of the adventurer came back as a god.
  • Mod Moltare: Would be like Aliens.
  • Mod Osborne: Out the chest.


  • Mod Osborne: I'm now imaging the Guthix head. "Hello, I'm a baby..." Second question from Veliaf Hurtz. A character from in-game. That's impressive. "Will players be able to find out what happened in lapsed world events?" They're temporary. Will it be possible to find out what happened in ones that I missed?
  • Mod Raven: I think we're making it possible to see the cutscenes again.
  • Mod Moltare: Yes.
  • Mod Osborne: So, there is a final cutscene?
  • Mod Moltare: We have two final cutscenes because we don't know who's gonna win.
  • Mod Osborne: It'll be great to see those, regardless of the result.
  • Mod Moltare: The choice has to be significant, so the one that doesn't happen, they're never going to see. But the one that has happened, fi they miss it, they will be able to go probably the Duke of Lumbridge as a good central character, or whoever else we attach it to that is appropriate and permanent and say "What went down here? Show me what happened at the start of it all. Show me what happened at the end." Both of those cutscenes... Apart from anything else, the animators get very shirty if they do a whole bunch of work like that, and then we delete it after about two month.
  • Mod Osborne: That is true. I'd imagine characters would still react, who are around the crater. There'd be the possibility of flavor dialogue.
  • Mod Moltare: Yep.
  • Mod Raven: Yes.
  • Mod Osborne: "What was your inspiration to make the gods the inspiration of the sixth age?" From Calliope.
  • Mod Moltare: I don't know, Dave. What was your inspiration?
  • Mod Osborne: I can't possibly say that this is my inspiration. This has come from so many different peoples' stories.
  • Mod Moltare: You wrote the Sixth Age Story document.
  • Mod Osborne: In conjunction with so many different people. Every individual creator. But if you drill down to every story, if you look at the elves, Morytania, Vikings, if you get to the higher-level quests, it always comes back to the gods. We couldn't help ourselves. It always filtered back to the gods. For me, it's essential to the storyline of RuneScape. It's also how players affiliate and group themselves. "I am virtuous and help other players, therefore I am Saradominist." This way of grouping is a great idea for the Sixth Age because you can fight the gods you don't like and align yourselves with the gods you do. "Will other gods feature in the latter stages of this world event?" Obsidian151.
  • Mod Raven: This world event?
  • Mod Osborne: This world event.
  • Mod Raven: Not really.
  • Mod Moltare: No.
  • Mod Raven: No.
  • Mod Osborne: So Bandos won't turn up with a massive hammer and play whack-a-god?
  • Mod Raven: No
  • Mod Moltare: No. This world event and world event 2 will feature one god versus one god.
  • Mod Osborne: Will this gods be repeated in world event 2?
  • Mod Moltare: That gives away altogether too much.
  • Mod Osborne: I will back off. "Can the gods change their size at will, and does that depend on their tier?"
  • Mod Raven: They can all change their size, really.
  • Mod Moltare: Mahjarrat can change their size at will, up to a certain point.
  • Mod Raven: And the gods are more powerful, so why not?
  • Mod Osborne: The way I imagine it is that the max sixe is dependent on tier, but they can change their size, so Guthix was ridiculous size. If you go back down a tier, you have Saradomin and Zamorak who are quite hefty. I don't imagine your Amascuts could get to that size. It's largely arbitrary, but it answers the question.
  • Mod Moltare: I'd imagine that the gods have appropriate shapes and sizes for talking to their followers.
  • Mod Osborne: Exactly.
  • Mod Moltare: We've seen Saradomin at human size in The World Wakes, we've seen him when he revives Zilyana in Ritual Of The Mahjarrat.
  • Mod Osborne: About a head taller.
  • Mod Moltare: We've seen him in his Icyene form. I'd imagine that every god has favorite shapes, and a huge form for when they're firing beams of raw energy at their ancient foe.


  • Mod Osborne: It makes a lot of sense. I'd imagine Zamorak can fire a bigger beam of energy, then someone lower done, like Apmeken. "How did Armadyl achieve godhood?" My word. ... Are you all looking at me? Just for the podcast, they're all looking at me and staring. How did Armadyl achieve godhood... The Staff of Armadyl was obtained from this planet. The Staff of Armadyl wasn't how he got his power. We know that. How he got his power... Really good question... We haven't determined that yet, or at least we haven't shown that in quest content. I'd like to leave that up to... He's writing it down! James for future quest! That is really something for the developer to determine. We're very much of the opinion that the developer should bring a large amount of the story with them if they've got a quest. If I was just sitting there writing down bullet points of everything that should be in a quest, that doesn't exactly leave you with much room, I'd imagine, as developers or previous developers. It's nice to have your voice, your imprint on it. That sort of thing I don't feel is necessary or important to write down now. That's something we can do... I imagine a god saga! In which we could talk about that. Anyway, "any chance we could see a quest that takes place in a clan citadel?"
  • Mod Moltare: Speaking in technical terms, there is every chance that we could set a quest in a clan citadel.
  • Mod Osborne: I think so! Mod Raven, I think you have some insight on this.
  • Mod Raven: I do have some insight, but I probably shouldn't say...
  • Mod Osborne: There we go... I think everybody loves it in the podcast when we say we know something, but we can't tell you.


  • Mod Osborne: To make it a bit clearer, yes, there is probably a quest upcoming that will feature a clan citadel. "Will we ever get to see the Freneskae Creator-God?" says JameRoven. Sorry, the last question was from DrayKBowen. Will we ever get to see the Freneskae Creator-God?
  • Mod Raven: We talked about this the other day, didn't we?
  • Mod Osborne: Yeah, we've got big plans. My word, it's awesome. So, Freneskae Creator-God, absolutely. We've made it clear that Freneskae Creator-God is an Elder God. That should raise questions of why there is an Elder God is residing on Freneskae. What the importance of Freneskae is. We've got real answers for that. "How did you come up with the names of the gods?" says Upickit.
  • Mod Moltare: That was supposedly the legendary Paul.
  • Mod Osborne: That was the legendary Paul! Tuska and Skargaroth were both come up with recently. Tuska is Finnish, but it also keeps explain the kind of creature it is. You say Tuska, you immediately kind of get this meatier thing.
  • Mod Moltare: A wild boar.
  • Mod Osborne: A wild boar, that kind of thing. I hate to say it, but there wasn't much behind it. Skargaroth, I'd have to ask Mod Ana. I don't know the notion behind that. It's certainly a more long-winded god name than we've ever had before, but of course, Skargaroth is dead, so... And in the Guthix way, Skargaroth is very dead. But yeah, Paul came up with the names.
  • Mod Moltare: These were established back in the dawn of time, by Paul Gower himself.
  • Mod Osborne: All of them, I believe. I don't think there are any that aren't.
  • Mod Moltare: Saradomin and Zamorak for sure. Guthix was devised a little latter...
  • Mod Osborne: Yep. So Guthix is kind of reminiscent of his druids. He's quite strange in that sense.
  • Mod Moltare: Seren might have been named by Chris L.
  • Mod Osborne: Mod Dylan?
  • Mod Raven: Mod Dylan.
  • Mod Moltare: Mod Dylan.
  • Mod Osborne: Mod Dylan, maybe. I think what we're saying is ask me in a future campfire, or ask one of us in future campfire, and we'll find out from those mods. Apologies. "So, we know there was a native god, and he was probably from Gielinor. Can you tell us more?" says AddictEnkeidu. Should I answer this one as well...? Yeah! So, in quest content that is already in-game, there is a character who partly ascends to godhood, but players don't know they partly ascended to godhood, and they will feature in future quest content. So, if you think that is really kind of elaborate and vague, there is a person the character doesn't meet but sees, who appears in a cutscene, who will probably bring in as a god in future content. That probably gives you a bit more. "Do you agree that Armadyl is the only empathetic god?" says Auroran Rage. Fantastic question.
  • Mod Raven: I wouldn't. Each of the gods have their own ideal. They all think they're doing what's right. They think that their view is fundamentally best. Zamorak thinks that by creating chaos, he's helping people improve, and so on. There's a sense of empathy, but it' s just...
  • Mod Osborne: Misplaced. It's empathy for certain viewpoints.
  • Mod Raven: Yeah. I think Armadyl is more on the player's level...?
  • Mod Osborne: I think he's certainly the most empathic. We are going to introduce Armadyl's flaws. It's not quite clear that he is flawed at the moment. It's important that all the gods have a flaw, otherwise it would be a no-brainer for picking somebody, in a world event for example. But Armadyl is romantic, an idealist.
  • Mod Moltare: naïve.
  • Mod Osborne: Naïve, some people could say. He's eben gullbiel in the past. He amy retian a little bit of that. There's a sense that we can't all sit around a table as gods and say "Let's be friends," but Armadyl really believes in that kind of diplomatic standpoint, and that's not necessarily something that can be done, and I think that's something that'll come through.
  • Mod Raven: Especially with some of the other gods.
  • Mod Osborne: Sliske trolling you from under the table... It's not going to work. Sliske has become the new trollface, I've found it.
  • Mod Moltare: I have seen that picture. Problem, Guthix?
  • Mod Osborne: Let's take over the internet with that. That's all of the quick-fire question roulette. Thank you for joining me for the podcast. Next fortnight, at least we think it's a fortnight, I'm hoping it's a fortnight, is the A to Z of Divination. We've got Mod Hugh, Mod Christa, and Mod Ana for that one, so it'll be a crowded room. The Chaos Elemental hint is very obscure today. "The University of Alabama, by way of the Abyss: Why don't you ask her who's the latest on her throne?" So that's, "The University of Alabama, by way of the Abyss: Why don't you ask her who's the latest on her throne?" Thank you very much for listening to us. We hope that you'll see us again in a fortnight's time.
  • Mod Moltare: Enjoy the game guys!