Transcript of Above the Lore/Episode 1

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

O: Mod Osborne
A: Mod Anna
Ollo: Mod Ollo

O: Hello everyone. nice laughing. cheers guys. Ok, so, hello everyone, and welcome to above the lore, the very first of the lore podcasts, where we're going to be chatting about Runescape stories, who we write those stories, and hopefully talking a little bit about the future of those stories too. So I'm Mod Osborne, one of the senior narrative designers, and I and with Mod Anna, develops of The Branches of Darkmeyer, Firemaker's Curse, and The World Wakes. And Mod Ollo, did I get that right? Developer of the God emissaries, which we'll have seen, hopefully in the behind the scenes, which isn't out as we write, or talk, but will be when you hear this. Ok, so, the format is, hopefully we'll have a bit of a chin-wag with some of these guys, ask them some questions, most of these have been drawn from the forums, so hopefully you've been talking about them. And just see what comes of it. So, aiming at Anna at the moment, just Ollo jump in if you need. Is Sliske a god now?

A: Well, I do know the answer to this question. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it just yet. I think you know more about this than I do.

O: OK, yeah, probably. We've obviously got planks for Slikse, we do know that he's going to be a big player in the sixth age. The notion of weather or not he's going to be a god is going to be a big one. And probably Sliske is the only one who knows about it. I know this is something you've been talking about with God Emissaries as well isn't is?

Ollo: It's interesting because, is he a god. Is he a god? Is somebody a god. I mean he has the power perhaps, but does he...has he chosen to be a god?

O: Is it a matter of a choice or.

A: In the world wakes, I wrote it as if he wasn't intending to have that effect with what he was doing. So it's quite interesting to see where...

O: Now it's been moved into the fifth age. I will be interesting to see, if over that time, he has made his decision is going to be quite interesting. OF course, you're going to find out in content soon enough. Was Guthix working with Sliske? This is one of those strange kind of, conspiracies I like to see on the forums. Was Slikse performing some sort of euthanasia on Guthix?

A: Quite and interesting question, actually. Because I never thought of. No he wasn't. They weren't working with each other. I always think Sliske is kind of working for his own motives, he's very much on his own. He doesn't really want to work with anyone. Especially, with Guthix. He still has Zaros in mind in the quest.

O: Do you see as Zarosian?

A: I definitely did in the quest. I don't know weather that's the case anymore. [background laughter] It might be, it might not be.

Ollo: I do think he is. He's got the same... some of the same ideals.

O: They do overlap, don't they? The notion of sitting back and watching other people

Ollo: He's got his own agenda

O: In the game.

A: I always think he's kinda very much more about having fun by himself, he doesn't really care that much about other things...

O: Yeah.

A: ...gods and such.

O: Which is of course very fun to write.

A: Yeah.


O: Ok, so, how did Sliske get hold of the Staff of Armadyl?

A: Yeah, I've seen this a lot on the forums. It's something at the end of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, obviously the staff is there, broken. It's never really explicitly explained where it goes, I think. We kind of figured well, it's not explained, there's no reason... Sliske was there, so why didn't he hang around and get it? It seems the kind of thing he would do.

O: I worked with you on this, didn't I? Because it was very much a case of "we had always planed it." I know people on the forums are worried that we're retconning it. Changing the story as we go, but that's not the case in any way. It really was that Sliske will have interacted with Dragonkin. That is how he's got the staff, and that is going to be a kinda big feature of a future story.

Ollo: Was going to say, that's a story to tell.

O: Yeah, that's it. So obviously don't want to go too far into it. But it's quite exciting. Ok, so, with the World Wakes out, do you have any regrets? Is there anything you're really chaffed with?

A: Um... regrets. I do wish it could have been longer, seeing that a lot on the forums. And when you see kind of thing, it's just kind of *groans/sighs*

O: And then you think about how much time you've put into it.

A: Yeah, exactly, but I think it's obviously limited by development time. Has to go out at some point, so I couldn't really make it that much longer. Sadly. I'm really chaffed with the ending. So, when I see people saying, 'Oh, I cried' or 'I was really sad,' it just makes me kind of happy in a really bad way.

O: That's excellent.

[laughter and mumbling]

A: I've got across what I wanted to get across. I feel like the content is kind of done it's job in that way.

O: So you want some kind of 'cry-ometer,' you want to know how many tears...shed over your content.

A: I think one of best things is seeing

---Break at 4:34---