Transcript of A warning letter

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A Warning Letter

Citizens beware, this area is haunted! Each night I hear them, howling, screaming, dragging their spectral chains across the street. I dare not leave the house at night for fear of what stalks outside my doors. Do not listen to the naysayers, who think we're mad. I live this nightmare.

The Empty Children are real. And they are hungry.

I once believed they were just a ghost story. A rumour spread to keep small children in the warm safety of their beds at night. But now I know the truth and it terrifies me. The streets are haunted with the souls of the damned and none of us are safe. Even the vyres and the demons know not to walk these streets in the darkness. I see them avoiding these twisting alleyways during the twilight hours. They are right to fear, right to flee, because the children are hungry.

Only yesterday did I see the true viciousness of their predilections. As I left my house at first light, to attend my market stand, I found the bloodied rags of their latest victim. There was nothing left save for clothes lying there on the street, as if all their flesh had been consumed in an instant. What creatures are these that they can consume a man so quickly?