Transcript of A visit to an old friend

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A visit to an old friend

What memories! A veritable warehouse for my actors, this 'insane asylum', a real source of laughter. Awfully quiet, these days. Now, where is that research?

You can't be this antisocial, my boy, we only have one party every five centuries and you've missed them all. Poor old Nabor, locked up in his own prison, what irony! And they say I'm the cruel one. Sliske is disappointed, Azzanadra, you've left your stink here. What dirt did my boy Nabor have on you? What a waste. Speaking of old Azzy, perhaps I ought to go let him out too. I'll make sure to spread some rumours of grand riches or something.

Quite the discovery, my friend. 'Hypnotherapy'. I think I can put this to...better use. I've a new pet now, and have her head out west soon enough to bring a little more fire-power back, quite literally. If this goes well, why I think I'll have myself quite the improved spy network.