Transcript of A critic's review (article 3)

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A Critic's Review 3

It is with great relief that I must announce that the Guild Actors of Senntisten are no more. For anyone that has suffered the torture that is watching any of their plays, I'm sure you will be well aware of the terrible messages underscored in each one. While hidden under a guise of terrible acting, dull deliveries and the costuming skills of a dismembered troll, it appears that the Guild were attempting to weave seditious messages into their work. Evidently, this was done with the same degree of skill as their acting, which is to say none, as these messages were not clearly conveyed to their audience. Still, the Praetorians know what they're doing, and so the Guild Actors of Senntisten must have been performing seditious plays.

Naturally, this leaves the theatre a little quiet for a time.

In the silence of the theatre the only play is in one's imagination, which is a dreadful place to see true art. True art is a mixture of pain, suffering, loneliness, fear, aggression, love, hate and need. Emotion ripped out and thrown out to an audience to see and hear. One can only hope that now that the theatre is mercifully free of the talentless Guild, we can see true talent grace our stage again.

Oh, wouldn't it be marvellous?