Transcript of A bloodstained note

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A Bloodstained Note

What a delight it is to hunt again and with such an open invitation to do so. These so called 'Empty Children' have made an open declaration of war upon me and I am delighted to accept. They leave bloodied clothes at my door and screech outside my windows at night, clearly they want my attention and of course they do. Because they are Empty Children and they need to be saved.

We are all prisoners of the flesh. Caged within walls of bone and sinew. How sorry I feel for these wretched children as they walk these cold dark streets pretending to be monsters. As if being a beast is all they are worthy of.

Oh my poor, poor children. You can be so much more. I will liberate you from a life of wretchedness and transform your misery into art. Blood is a simple necessity for my people, yes - but I will be most pleased to show you how it can be so much more.

I have been wearing this human disguise for far too long. It will be so nice to spread my wings again.

Thank you, children.

I have so missed the hunt.