Transcript of A badly written message

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A Badly Written Message

Oi Scabs,

That trader you was talking about came by earlier and left some good stuff on the doorstep. Me and Ebony have been dishing it to the Empty Children as best we can, but we've put some of the gold away into the box like you said. I don't know why we ain't spending it though. That's a lot of bread we could be getting, maybe even some clothes for that amount.

Still, you're the boss, so we'll do what you say. I hope we can spend some of that gold soon, though. Would be nice to get some warm beds set up, you know? Much better than curling up in the streets where them vyres can find us. They got Jelly the other night, them vyres. Drained him white as a sheet. He's still with us, hard to get rid of Jelly, but he won't be the same for a while. I know there's laws and all, but the nobles see getting rid of us as cleaning up the city.

But enough of the same old grumbles. They're not news to you, I know. I got your puzzle box, but I don't know how it works so I haven't been able to get into it. Show me how to open it next time you're here.

Anyway, gotta dash, got another merchant to menace.

- Dandy