Transcript of A Void Dance journal entry

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  • I agreed to travel to the mainland in order to help the Void Knights track down the escaped pest. I should ask Commodore Tyr for more details.
  • Commodore Tyr suggests that my skills, along with those of Captain Korasi and Jessika, will be necessary to track down the escaped pest. Jessika will be under guard by Korasi; whether this is wise remains to be seen. We shall begin the hunt at Port Sarim.
  • At Korasi's request, I need to pick up the pest's trail near Port Sarim dock.
  • I should ask the locals what they have seen.
  • Gerrant, the fishmonger, has had trouble with a strange creature raiding his fish barrels. It looks like the trail may start here...
  • I have tracked the pest to a burrow near the Rusty Anchor pub. I should let Korasi and Jessika know.
  • I need to talk to the owner of the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim and gain access to his cellar.
  • I have permission to enter the pub cellar, first I shall need to locate the missing key.
  • I should investigate the cellar for clues regarding the void pest.
  • A cracked wall in the cellar revealed a quantity of a strange goo. I need to fetch a barrel from the storage room to take a sample of it for Jessika.
  • I have navigated the storeroom and found a suitable barrel. Time to return to the knights in the main room.
  • Having collected the sample, I should decide how I'm going to deal with the owner of the pub.
  • I lied to the owner to protect his peace of mind.
  • I should report to the Void Knights near their ship on Port Sarim dock.
  • On Jessika's advice, I need to travel to Musa Point and pick up the pest's trail. A local there may be able to help.
  • It appears that Kofi, the Musa Point general store owner, knows something, but he is suffering from the same malady as the barman of the Rusty Anchor.
  • If I fix the wall of his shop for him, he will be obliged to tell me what he knows.
  • Time to have a word with Kofi again.
  • Kofi showed me to where he last saw a creature that may be the missing pest.
  • The hunt is on!
  • Someone has beaten us to the punch. I found the pest's burrow, but it's been emptied, and not without a struggle. Korasi has asked me to investigate the burrow for further clues and report back.
  • I have found some broken wood shards at the burrow.
  • Jessika suggested that Rommik, the Rimmington craftsman, might be able to further identify the wood shards.
  • Rommik spoke of a large order of boxes made from the wood... It's time to report in to my Void knight friends at the chemist's house in Rimmington.
  • Jessika and the chemist have requested my help in analysing the goo sample we took.
  • I should ask the chemist how to go about doing so.
  • Having successfully analysed the sample, I should talk to the chemist again.
  • Our analysis of the goo sample has revealed it to be a magically active substance capable of sucking energy from nearby living beings and storing it. Jessika believes it acts as a food source for pests on their native plane.
  • Jessika and Korasi are on their way to Falador to consult with Sir Tiffy of the Temple Knights. I should meet them there.
  • Sir Tiffy has asked me to investigate Ali Tist, a stallholder near the east bank in Falador, in connection with some odd boxes and a spate of local illness.
  • Ali was less than helpful. I should help Jessika open the puzzle box I acquired from him and see what clues it can provide.
  • Korasi opened the puzzle box I got from Ali Tist. The box was made from a thinly clad waxwood, and was full of the pest's goo! I believe I should have a word with Ali.
  • Ali has been less than forthcoming about where he got all the puzzle boxes from. I'll need the backing of more authority, I think, so I'd better go to Falador Parkand[sic] talk to my allies.
  • Sir Amik Varze has thoughtfully provided me with a warrant to investigate Ali's goods. This should provide the leverage I need to make him talk.
  • Ali Tist's clue scroll might lead me to more information about the boxes full of pest goo.
  • The clue scroll has brought me to a hatchway not far from the Black Knights' Fortress. It has a double lock too wide for me to open alone; I'll need to return to Falador and talk to Korasi and Jessika.
  • The Void Knights will be waiting for me at the hatchway near the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Korasi, Jessika and I have entered an antechamber of some sort under the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • We must somehow discover the password to the inner door if we are to get past the doorkeeper.
  • Jessika has suggested using a void drone to listen in on an arriving worker. Korasi reluctantly agreed.
  • It turns out the password alone is not enough. If I'm to get through that door, I'll also need to acquire an identifying insignia from one of the workers.
  • With the password and the insignia, I have been able to get through to the main area of the fortress cellar. I had better deal with the doorkeeper before going any further...
  • If you killed the doorguard
    • I had Korasi kill the doorkeeper to prevent potential complications.
  • If you bound and gagged the doorguard
    • I left the doorkeeper alive, but bound and gagged in a storage crate.
  • In order to progress further into the workshop complex I will need a key. There may be one stashed somewhere, or I could simply kill a worker for theirs...
  • If you kill the indentured servant
    • I killed an unarmed slave for the door key.
  • The end is in sight. Two elite Black Knight guards stand between us and the pest.
  • Having disposed of the elite Black Knight guards with Korasi's help, I now need to confront the caged pest.
  • I believe the pest is too crippled to be a threat on its own, so I released it with its promise to live out its life away from humans.
  • I have finally tracked down and dealt with the missing pest, and discovered some unpleasant goings-on in the process. I should return to Commodore Tyr at the Void Knight Outpost to give him the details.