Transcript of A Void Dance

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Starting Out[edit | edit source]

  • Commodore Tyr: ...which is why I suspect none of our knights can do the job. It needs expertise we simply do not have.
  • Captain Korasi: I agree with that, sir, and would happily work with Player again, but I believe it's a mistake to let Jessika free. She released the pest in the first place, and Commodore Matthias lost his life trying to set that straight!
  • Commodore Tyr: She also knows more of their habits than any of us in the Order, despite our constant fight against them. You said yourself she would be useful fo-
  • Captain Korasi: Damn what I said! Matthias was right then and it's still true: she's a liability!
  • Commodore Tyr: Captain! Get yourself under control.
  • Captain Korasi: My apologies, sir.
  • Player: Am I interrupting something?
  • Commodore Tyr: Ah, Player! Your timing is perfect, I was about to contact Sir Tiffy to ask if you were available to help us.
  • Player: Help with what?
  • Commodore Tyr: We've had no luck finding that escaped pest, and Sir Tiffy's agents have been drawing a blank too. I propose to send you, Korasi and Jessika to the mainland to track it down. If you're willing?
    • Not Right Now:
    • Accept Quest:
      • Player: Consider me at your service, Commodore. What's the plan?
      • Commodore Tyr: Sir Tiffy tells me that his agents have been unsuccessful in locating the escaped pest. As of his latest communiqué, he has recalled the majority of them to deal with an unknown malady affecting Falador.
      • Player: Does he believe they're connected?
      • Commodore Tyr: He wouldn't commit. Anyway, that leaves the problem in my hands and that's why I need you. I would like you to take Captain Korasi and Jessika to the mainland once you're fully briefed and put your tracking skills to use.
        • Why do you need me?:
          • Player: Why do you need me? I'm happy to help, but do none of your knights have tracking skills?
          • Commodore Tyr: I'm afraid our skills have become somewhat specialised in recent years. It's a deplorable lack of balance, and one I intend to rectify, but that will take time. We know you, we trust you, and you have a wide range of worldly skills. You're the ideal agent for us.
            • Wait, you're sending Jessika?: (Same as below.)
            • Where should I start?: (Same as below.)
        • Wait, you're sending Jessika?:
          • Player: Wait, you're sending Jessika? The one responsible for releasing the thing in the first place?
          • Commodore Tyr: Yes, and Korasi is not pleased by my decision.
          • Captain Korasi: There's an understatement...
          • Commodore Tyr: In talking with Jessika, however, I am reassured that her intentions were good, if not her actions. I have convinced her that the pest must be brought in, and she is willing to use her considerable knowledge of pests to assist. Korasi's role on this mission is to keep Jessika under guard.
            • Why do you need me?: (Same as above.)
            • Where should I start?: (Same as below.)
        • Where should I start?:
          • Player: Where should I start?
          • Commodore Tyr: Jessika smuggled the pest off the island by stowing it away on one of our ships, so its first landing point would be Port Sarim. If it isn't there, it will have passed through, so someone in town may have seen it.
            • Wait, you're sending Jessika?: (Same as above.)
            • Why do you need me?: (Same as above.)
            • I'm on my way.:
              • Player: I'm on my way.
              • Commodore Tyr: Be careful out there. Jessika may think the pest is safe, but her judgement is clouded on that point. Have a word with Korasi if you need to, then head for Port Sarim.

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Korasi: I don't care what the Commodore says, I don't trust her. I'm going to keep an eye on that mage in case she tries to sabotage the operation for the sake of her pest friend.
  • Player: Sounds fair to me. That's one of the reasons Tyr wants you along, no?
  • Captain Korasi: Yes. Well, I'll go and collect her and meet you at Port Sarim docks when you're ready.

Talking to Jessika[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, I hear you're to come with me and Korasi to the mainland.
  • Jessika: Yes, I've been speaking to the Commodore. I'm willing to help as long as the pest is dealt with humanely. Perhaps by helping I can regain the trust of the Void Knights. I find my betrayal worries me more than I imagined it could.
  • Player: Hmm. Well, good luck with that, although I suspect Korasi will take some persuading.

Tracking the Pest[edit | edit source]

Port Sarim[edit | edit source]

Talking to Jessika[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi, Jessika.
  • Jessika: Hi, Player!
  • Korasi: Time to put those tracking skills of yours to use, please. (Continues below.)

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Greetings, Korasi.
  • Korasi: Good day to you, Player. Time to put those tracking skills of yours to use, please.
  • Jessika: We don't want to alarm anyone. There's no need for people to know just what you're chasing.
  • Korasi: You may wish to start with the dockworkers. They might have seen something disembark.
    • What exactly am I dealing with here?:
      • Korasi: That's not my area of expertise: I just kill them. Jessika?
      • Jessika: Void pests are a hive society, like bees, and like bees they have castes. This one seems to be a gatherer of some sort, but I never got to properly examine it, and I'm not enough of a summoner to talk to it directly. Though I do know that without a guiding influence nearby it'll be acting mainly on instinct. It'll try to find a source of food, and that will be easiest around human dwellings.
      • Korasi: ...
      • Jessika: Because we throw lots of food away! I think it'll scavenge - it can't hunt for itself.
      • Player: Got it: stay close to the town and look for signs of scavenging.
      • Jessika: Good luck.
    • On my way.:
      • Player: On my way.
Talking to Korasi again[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Greetings, Korasi.
  • Korasi: Good day to you, Player.
  • Player: What do I need to do next?
  • Korasi: I would suggest finding out whether anyone on the docks has seen the pest.
  • Jessika: Best of luck, Player!

Talking to a seaman[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm looking fot an escaped animal.
  • Seaman Lorris/Seaman Thresnor: Couldn't help you, I'm afraid. Just over a nasty dose of flu; you might try Captain Tobias, though. Do you want to go on a trip to Karamja? The trip will cost you 30 coins.
    • Yes, please.:
    • No, thank you.:
      • Player: No, thank you.

Talking to Captain Tobias[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm looking for an escaped animal.
  • Captain Tobias: A little bulbous devil, low to the ground, sneaky and not quite of this world?
  • Player: Yes! That sounds exactly right!
  • Captain Tobias: Haven't seen anything like that, sorry. Been recovering from a dose of the lurgy we all got during our last trip to Karamja, so I've been feeling all drained and rundown lately. I do believe the fishmonger was complaining about something damaging his fish barrels, though. You might try around his place.
  • Player: Hmm. Thank you kindly.
  • Captain Tobias: Now then... Do you want to go on a trip to Karamja? The trip will cost you 30 coins.
    • Yes, please.:
    • No, thank you.:
      • Player: No, thank you.

Talking to Gerrant[edit | edit source]

  • Gerrant: You can buy fishing stuff here. Or sell fish.
    • Let's see what you've got then.:
    • Sorry, I'm not interested.:
    • I'm tracking an escaped animal.:
      • Gerrant: If it's the one that went and knocked my fish barrels about, then good on yer! I did see summat head out west of here a couple of days back. Could be you can pick up its trail outside.
      • Player: Thanks for your help.
Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Greetings, Korasi.
  • Korasi: Good day to you, Player.
  • Player: I'm tracking the pest's trail from the fishmonger's shop. I'll let you know once I have more.
  • Jessika: Best of luck, Player!
Searching a plant[edit | edit source]
  • Bizarre tracks lead away from this leafy plant.: =====Searching some stones=====
  • Something small and alien has left a layer of slime over these stones.: =====Searching a bush=====
  • Bizarre tracks lead away from this low bush.: =====Searching the last bush=====
  • Bizarre tracks lead away from this low bush in the direction of the Rusty Anchor pub.: =====Checking the mound=====
  • Sure enough, it seems that the pest has gone to ground here.: * Player: Korasi will want to know about this...

Reporting back to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: ...and when they appeared, ravaging the land in defiance of all balance, the Void Knights of old knew that the moment they had been formed for had come.
  • Player: Am I interrupting something?
  • Korasi: Jessika asked me to tell her more about Void Knight beliefs. I have agreed, as it may be that her actions earlier were the result of ignorance rather than malice.
  • Jessika: I admit I never knew why Void Knights have such...hatred for the pests. Fighting them is one thing, since they are invaders, but I'm only now beginning to understand how far it goes.
  • Korasi: Hmph. If you can grasp that their presence is an imbalance and a blasphemy against Guthix, there may be hope for you yet. Now then, Player, I take it you have news?
  • Player: I've tracked the pest down to a burrow entrance, and I believe we can gain access to it from the cellar of the Rusty Anchor pub.
  • Korasi: Good work. Have a word with the pub owner and we'll meet you there once you've gained access.
    • What was that about Void Knight beliefs?:
      • Player: What was that about Void Knight beliefs?
      • Korasi: Are you interested in learning more?
      • Player: Yes, I am.
      • Korasi: Here's a spare copy of the book I've been teaching Jessika from. Perhaps you will find it useful too.
    • See you there.:
      • Player: See you there.
Talking to Jessika and Korasi again[edit | edit source]
  • Korasi: Have a word with the owner of the Rusty Anchor and get into the cellar. We'll meet you there.
    • What was that about Void Knight beliefs?: (Same as above.)
    • Alright.:
      • Player: Alright.

Rusty Anchor Pub[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Good day to you!
  • Bartender: Eh. I got sick just recently. Too tired to have a good day.
  • Player: I have reason to believe that there is a dangerous animal burrowed under your pub. May I investigate for you?
  • Bartender: 'Kay.
  • Player: Erm, are you alright? Dangerous animal on the loose! Possible otherworldly terror in your basement!
  • Bartender: Yeah, I heard. Go in if you want. Can't find the key to the cellar. Somewhere round here.
  • Player: I'll just get right on that. Don't strain anything.
    • Could I buy a beer, please?:
    • Ask about 'rum'.:
    • Bye, then.:
Searching the junk[edit | edit source]
  • Among the piled-up stuff you find a large, crude key.: ===The Cellar===
  • Korasi: Good. Now then, you two, please see what you can find.
  • Jessika: Roger that, sir!
  • Korasi: What?
  • Jessika: Sorry. You just have that whole aura of command thing going on.
  • Korasi: Well, I have had the full Void Knight officer training. I'm glad to see it's had some effect.

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, Korasi.
  • Korasi: Hello, Player. This sort of investigation is more Jessika's field than mine, I think.

Talking to Jessika[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's up, Jessika?
  • Jessika: You said our missing pet made a burrow near here?
  • Player: Pet?
  • Jessika: Pest. Have a look around and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary.

Trying to enter the storage[edit | edit source]

  • Player: It looks like a storeroom for the beer, Jessika.
  • Jessika: Come and look at this wall, Player... does it look odd to you?

Inspecting the wall[edit | edit source]

  • Player: This wall looks dodgy, like something has disturbed the ground behind it. Perhaps if I knock a hole in it I'll find the burrow.
You mine a hole in the wall and a purple liquid starts leaking out.
  • Jessika: What on RuneScape is that stuff? Player, can I have a word, please?
  • Player: What's up, Jessika?
  • Jessika: That's very curious stuff... We should take a sample of it.
  • Player: Why would we want goo?
  • Jessika: Because it's something I've not seen before and it may give us clues or insights into our pest. I'll need you to get a container of some sort. Swiftly now, before it's all wasted.
  • Player: Would a bucket or similar do?
  • Jessika: Not by the looks of that flow of material. We'll need an empty barrel or something... Maybe there's one in the storage room next door?

Entering the storage room[edit | edit source]

  • Player: This place is in a mess, Korasi.
  • Korasi: See if you can find us that empty barrel, please, Player. I've given you a Void Knight whistle in case you get into difficulties. A short peep and we'll come and help you move a barrel back a step, a long blast and we'll give you a hand setting the room back how it was.
Undoing a move[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Korasi, can you help me set this back where it was, please?
Resetting the puzzle[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Give me a hand getting this lot untangled, you two?

After retrieving the barrel[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Got it, Jessika! I'll be right out.

Talking to Jessika and Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: Good work, Player. Thank you.
  • Jessika: We'll be able to keep this by and find out more about its properties once we've retrieved the pest.
  • Korasi: That was quick thinking, Jessika, I'll give you that much. Player, could you please make up some story for the pub owner? We'll meet you back at the ship to discuss our next move.
  • Player: Okay.

Talking to the bartender[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Good day to you!
  • Bartender: Eh. I got sick just recently. Too tired to have a good day.
    • Make up a comforting lie.:
      • Player: Here's your key back. I'm afraid you had a gas leak, caused by light reflected off a planet through a weather balloon.
      • Bartender: Alright.
      • Player: It's fixed now, though.
      • Bartender: Good.
    • Tell him the truth.:
      • Player: Here's your key back. A void pest had made a burrow by your cellar and filled it with weird goo stuff.
      • Bartender: What? Gods above. That could have been bad.
      • Player: We've extracted the stuff and we'll continue hunting the pest.
      • Bartender: You mean it's still out there? That IS bad.
Talking to the bartender again[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Good day to you!
  • Bartender: Eh. I got sick just recently. Too tired to have a good day. I'll start tidying in a bit. Once I've had a rest.
    • Could I buy a beer, please?:
    • Ask about 'rum'.:
    • Bye, then.:

Talking to Jessika and Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • (If you lied to the bartender.)
    • Player: I told the bartender a story to keep him calm.
    • Jessika: Good. He doesn't need the worry.
    • Korasi: I'm sure he could have handled the truth. (Continues below.)
  • (If you told the truth.)
    • Player: I told the bartender what was going on. He took it well.
    • Jessika: Did you really need to scare him like that?
    • Korasi: I'm sure he can handle the truth. (Continues below.)
  • Jessika: Regardless, we should keep after the pest. I wish I could ask Professor Melville. He'd know what to do, but he's not been answering my contact spells for a while.
  • Korasi: What's our next step, then? We need to find this pest before it seriously unbalances the local ecosystem.
  • Jessika: Well, having rested here I suppose it'll be heading to warmer climes.
  • Korasi: Hmm, yes, the pest's home plane is mostly tropical jungle from what we know of it.
  • Jessika: And if it can stow away once it can do it again - it's certainly intelligent enough.
  • Player: Weren't the sailors on the Musa Point route complaining about being ill lately? And we know the bartender got unwell from being around the pest for too long...
  • Jessika: Musa Point! It's easy to reach, warm, jungly... A ship that goes to Karamja would smell right to a pest. Yes, it makes sense.
  • Korasi: We need to be careful. That bartender fellow was acting very oddly. If it has something to do with your pest, it might be capable of doing to us whatever it did to him.
    • You said the bartender was acting oddly?:
      • Player: You said the bartender was acting oddly?
      • Korasi: He seemed...sick. Listless. As if he had no energy or inclination to care about anything.
      • Jessika: Now you mention it, it did seem odd that the bartender would just let three strangers into his storage cellar without protesting or coming to keep an eye on us.
      • Player: Hmm, true. Do you think it's related to the pest?
      • Korasi: Who knows what sort of attacks this pest can use on the unprepared? He could have been the victim of a mental assault of some kind.
      • Jessika: Now wait a minute! Why do you have to assume the worst about the pest? He never gave me any reason to think he was capable of such an attack!
      • Korasi: What if 'he' was using it on you all the time? To make you susceptible to its suggestions to release it?
      • Jessika: That's ridiculous.
        • Will I have to fight this thing?: (Same as below.)
        • To Musa Point, then.: (Same as below.)
    • Will I have to fight this thing?:
      • Player: Will I have to fight this thing?
      • Jessika: It's not a warrior. It's slow and unarmed and of no danger to anyone.
      • Korasi: It's a void pest. If it can kill you, harm you or make your life unpleasant in any way, it will.
      • Jessika: They're not mindless monsters, Korasi! They're just finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.
      • Korasi: And doing their best to infest and scour that place when they find themselves in it. I can't believe you're defending them!
      • Jessika: They have no choice! Their queen commands them, compels them somehow. From my research I'm sure of it! She's the one you should be concerned with, not the dwarf cannon fodder.
      • Player: Enough, both of you! Can I get a straight answer, please?
      • Jessika: It has no martial skill at all. It can't defend itself from you if you choose to kill it when you find it.
      • Korasi: And if she's wrong, well, I'll be at your side to assist.
        • You said the bartender was acting oddly?: (Same as above.)
        • To Musa Point, then.: (Same as below.)
    • To Musa Point, then.:
      • Player: To Musa Point, then.

Musa Point[edit | edit source]

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Greetings, Korasi.
  • Korasi: Hello, Player. I'm not a great fan of this place. The air feels like the stuff that blows in through the pests' portals.
  • Jessika: But that's a sign we might be on track. Player, do you think you could see if the townsfolk know anything about your prey?
  • Player: Certainly.
  • Korasi: I would suggest you watch out for signs of odd behaviour among them, too.
  • Jessika: I still can't for the life of me think what makes you think the pest is causing that. I lived with it for weeks without ever going doolally.
  • Korasi: All that proves is that it never attacked you with...whatever it's attacking people with, because you were such a willing dupe for it!
  • Jessika: Look, Player, this isn't your argument. We'd join you, but I suspect we'd just get in the way.
  • Korasi: I'd suggest you start with the bartender here. They tend to have useful gossip. In the meantime, Jessika, maybe you'd fill me in on the details of how you came to study the pests? You seem sensible enough where they're not concerned... What gives them such a hold over you?
    • I'd be interested to know, too.:
      • Player: I'd be interested to know, too.
      • Jessika: Well, it was Professor Melville that suggested it, the fellow who trained me. He's a bit of a grump, but a brilliant man. I wasn't sure at first, but he was so insistent. He said that since portals were a travel device that shared many similarities with summoning, and since the void pests are always active, I'd have plenty of samples to examine.
      • Korasi: He sent you to pest-infested territory?
      • Jessika: Oh, Professor Melville wouldn't have asked me to put myself in danger! I was only observing, not fighting. He was so interested in my work, and so happy for me when I managed to extract one from the hive.
      • Korasi: Pests wouldn't care.
      • Jessika: Regardless, I learned a lot! And he helped me study summoning to improve my study of their portals - it's a speciality of his.
    • I'll leave you two to it.:
      • Player: I'll leave you two to it.

Talking to Zambo[edit | edit source]

  • Zambo: Hey, are you wanting to try some of my fine wines and spirits? All brewed locally on Karamja.
    • Yes, please.:
    • No, thank you.:
    • Seen anything odd lately?:
      • Player: Seen anything odd lately?
      • Zambo: It's all been fairly quiet, as far as I know. Kofi the storekeeper had a bit of a shock the other day - he saw a scorpion or something by his house - but the poor man's come down ill since, so he's not had a chance to do anything about it.
      • Player: Hmm. I think I should pay him a house call.

Talking to Kofi[edit | edit source]

  • Kofi: 'lo.
  • Player: I have reason to believe that something I am tracking is in the area. Have you seen anything strange moving around here recently?
  • Kofi: Yeah. A little blobby thing.
  • Player: That sounds promising! Can you take me to where you last saw it?
  • Kofi: No. Can't be bothered. Ill.
  • Player: What? But this is important!
  • Kofi: Meh.
  • Player: Hmm... Are you feeling listless? Depressed?
  • Kofi: Bit, maybe.
  • Player: I thought as much. Alright, then, what if I made it worth your while somehow? The alternative is I keep bothering you until you relent.
  • Kofi: Oh, whatever. Suppose you could fix my wall. Needs repairing. Got no energy for doing it.
  • Player: What will that take?
  • Kofi: Wall needs a joist. Plank and a log.
  • Player: Plank and a log?
  • Kofi: Yeah. Fixed together. Mortise and tenon joint.
  • Player: I do wish you'd string more than four words together at a time.
  • Kofi: Borrow my tools. Table over there.
Searching the table[edit | edit source]
  • You pick up a plank and a log from the workbench. You take a hammer and a chisel. You leave the tools alone.: =====Creating the joist=====
  • You attach the carved components firmly together.: =====Fixing the wall=====
  • You fix the ramshackle wall with the joist you constructed.: ====Talking to Kofi again====
  • Kofi: 'lo.
  • Player: I've sorted your wall for you. Now it's time you upheld your side of our deal.
  • Kofi: Yeah.
Kofi leads you out into the jungle.
  • Kofi: Here somewhere. Smallish thing, fast, didn't see it well.
  • Player: Hmm, yes, I think I have enough to go on. Thank you for your help.
  • Kofi: Think I'll have a nap.
Kofi leaves.
Searching a succulent[edit | edit source]
  • Pest tracks lead away from this succulent plant.: =====Searching a shrub=====
  • Pest tracks lead away from this shrub.: =====Searching a log=====
  • The missing pest has left telltale gouges in this rotting log.: =====Checking the mound=====
  • You've tracked the pest to its main burrow, but someone has clearly beaten you here...: ====Jessika and Korasi join you====
  • Korasi: Curses. It's clear that it was here, and equally clear it's been taken.
  • Jessika: And put up quite a struggle, too.
  • Player: So we were too late. What's our next move?
  • Korasi: If we can't follow it directly, we'll have to find where it's been taken by other means.
  • Jessika: I suspect our first move is to find out more about that goo and the effect it's been having on the people near it.
  • Korasi: Agreed. Player, please see if there's anything more to be discovered in or around the burrow.
Searching the burrow[edit | edit source]
  • You go to poke around in the abandoned burrow... ...and find some broken shards of slick, waxy wood.: ====After searching the burrow====
  • Korasi: Have you found anything of use?
  • Player: Yes. Look at these: some sort of wood shards.
  • Jessika: That looks very much like waxwood.
  • Korasi: Waxwood shards?
  • Player: I've not heard of waxwood.
  • Jessika: That's not surprising. It's not a popular wood as it's too ugly and can't be treated, but it is naturally waterproof, so it's used in a number of scientific experiments. The two of us need to get that goo sample to my chemist friend in Rimmington. Perhaps you could go via the craftsman next door to him and ask about the wood? His name is Rommik.
  • Korasi: Well, I believe our work here is done.
    • How do you know about waxwood?:
      • Player: So, Jessika, how do you know about waxwood? I've never seen the stuff before in all my experience of cutting wood.
      • Jessika: It's horrible stuff, isn't it? But it's good for making waterproof containers you can't use metal in, and it's cheaper than glass.
      • Korasi: You know, I think I remember you using a tray made of it.
      • Jessika: That's right, for my analysis of pest blood! I was trying to find out if they had some sort of blood-borne affinity for their portals! But that didn't go anywhere.
      • Korasi: I don't agree. You might not have found what you were looking for, but the infortmation you provided was what Matthias needed to commission new field medicines that have saved a dozen lives already.
      • Jessika: Really? I didn't know that.
      • Korasi: We would have told you, but it was just after we started using it that your...indiscretion was discovered.
        • Is this really what the pest plane is like?: (Same as below.)
        • Onwards, then.: (Same as below.)
    • Is this really what the pest plane is like?:
      • Player: Is this place really what the pest plane is like?
      • Korasi: Well, from what we can tell from our side of the portals and the air that blows in, yes.
      • Jessika: The portals themselves are fatal to travel through for anything that isn't a pest. I was researching that just before, know.
      • Player: That's a pity. I like seeing new places.
      • Korasi: I fear this is one you will not be visiting. I supported Jessika's research, but I never throught she'd find a way through. Sorry, Jessika, but it's the truth.
        • How do you know about waxwood?: (Same as above.)
        • Onwards, then.: (Same as below.)
    • Onwards, then.:
      • Player: Onwards, then.

Rimmington[edit | edit source]

Talking to Rommik[edit | edit source]

  • Rommik: Would you like to buy some Crafting equipment?
    • I need to ask you about waxwood.:
      • Player: I need to ask you about these waxwood shards I found.
      • Rommik: Let me take a look...
      • You hand the wood shards to Rommik.:
      • Rommik: Funny you should bring up waxwood. I just this month finished a massive order of boxes made of the stuff, to be sent to an address around Falador way.
      • Player: Boxes made of waxwood? Wouldn't they be really ugly, clumsy things?
      • Rommik: Yes, it made this craftsman's heart sink. But you could have them clad with something prettier, I suppose.
      • Player: Hmm. How much can you tell me about this order? I think it's important.
      • Rommik: Well, it was for a large number of untreated sealable watertight boxes. I didn't get the name of the fellow who bought them, but he paid up front. That's about the limit of it, really. I don't like working with the stuff, but the boxes were fit for purpose.
      • Player: Thanks for your help, Rommik.
    • Let's see what you've got, then.:
    • No thanks, I've got all the crafting equipment I need.:

Talking to Jessika and Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi, you two.
  • Korasi: Ah, Player, glad you're here. What have you discovered?
  • Player: Rommik last saw waxwood when making a large number of boxes for a customer in Falador. It sounded suspicious, but he couldn't remember the customer's name or describe them.
  • Korasi: Good work. We've been trying to help the chemist with his experiment, but, frankly, neither of us know enough about herbs to be of any use.
  • Jessika: Would you be able to assist him? I suspect whatever we find will be significant in explaining where our missing pest is.
    • Can either of you two lend a hand?:
      • Player: Can either of you two lend a hand?
      • Jessika: Sorry, Player, all the chemistry I know I learned at the Wizards' Tower, and wizards tend to limit their chemical studies to applied uses of rune essence. I always meant to learn some herblore when I went to the druids, but I never quite got that far. I spent all my time studying summoning when I was in Taverley.
      • Korasi: I suspect you'd be more use than me, Jessika. All I know about analysing substances is what blood comes from what pest. Not that I regret my...specialisation, but I do envy your education just a little.
      • Player: So, no help then.
      • Jessika: Sorry.
      • Korasi: Sorry.
        • Where is the pest now?: (Same as below.)
        • I'll see about this experiment, then.: (Same as below.)
    • Where is the pest now?:
      • Player: Any thoughts on where the pest might have been taken, or by whom?
      • Korasi: Sorry, Player. You're the hunter, not us.
      • Jessika: I'm sure you'll pick up the trail again, and when we find the pest, we'll find the people who took it.
      • Korasi: We both have complete faith in your skills. And right now, it's your analytical skills we need.
      • Jessika: I quite agree!
        • Can either of you two lend a hand?: (Same as above.)
        • I'll see about this experiment, then.: (Same as below.)
    • I'll see about this experiment, then.:
      • Player: I'll see about this experiment, then.

Talking to the Chemist[edit | edit source]

  • Ask about lamp oil.: * Ask about impling jars.: * Ask about A Void Dance.: **Chemist: Ready to analyse the sample you brought? I have all the reagents we need.
      • Analyse the sample.:
You go down into the basement.
        • Chemist: Right, here's what you have to bear in mind... It'll take a while to analyse the sample. You'll have to keep the heat and power stable and the chemical sample in an appropriate state while I work. If the system gets far enough out of balance, the analysis will fail and we'll have to start again. The central vat shows what the current state of the sample is. During the experiment, we may need to change it to another state to keep the system in balance. Add a sample to this hopper to mix it with the chemical already present and attempt to form the required state. I've got a log of what chemicals do what; one of the reactions is highly unstable, so watch out. The heat in the system is simple enough to control; if it drops too low just stoke the furnace here. And if it rises too high just open the vent here. The power controls work much the same. Wind the cog to speed up the flywheel if the power drops too low. And here's the brake if the power starts rising too high. I'm sure these chemicals are all we'll need to perform the analysis, and I have plenty if you run out of anything. Don't worry if it all goes wrong, as you can always get more reagents and try again. Keep an eye on my report so you know what's needed at any given time. Ready to get going?
          • Hear the explanation again.:
          • Analyse the sample.:
          • Not right now.:
      • Not right now.:
  • About the Task System...: =====If you fail the analysis=====
  • Chemist: Don't worry, boy/girl, plenty of chemicals left to try again.

After analysing the sample[edit | edit source]

  • Chemist: Well done with that sample! Thanks to your efforts, I've been able to analyse it thoroughly. It is clear now that the 'goo' is a magically active secretion of considerable complexity. From where you found it, I would imagine it is produced by your escaped pest as a funtion of its caste. That is to say, our pest instinctively lines its burrow with the stuff so that it can perform its purpose: simply put, it sucks the life out of anything nearby that's not a pest. Then, after it has absorbed enough, the pest or its burrow-mates can consume it as an emergency food source - like a very gloopy treacle pudding, full of sugar.
  • Jessika: That would explain the lethargy striking Port Sarim and Musa Point! They're feeling drained because they ARE being drained!
  • Chemist: Correct! Of course, Port Sarim and Musa Point are too small for that to be a problem, but if this stuff is somehow getting into Falador...
  • Player: Then the three of us should get to Falador at once. This could be serious.
  • Korasi: Indeed. We'll meet you in the park... unless you'd care to come with us?
  • Jessika: I can teleport the three of us there now if you wish.
    • Go with Jessika.:
Jessika teleports to Falador park with you and Korasi.
    • Remain here.:

Malady in Falador[edit | edit source]

The Puzzle Boxes[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Tiffy: Welcome to Falador.
  • Jessika: Isn't it lovely? I never got a chance to visit when I was at the Wizards' Tower, I was always too busy.
  • Sir Tiffy: A great shame! I do swear Falador is brighter yet for your presence, miss. What was it you studied at the Wizards' Tower, if I may enquire?
  • Jessika: Arcane summoning, largely, and its distinction from druidic summoning. Portals and evocation too, of course - those are on the core curriculum.
  • Sir Tiffy: Ah, all far beyond me, but it sounds useful. Does that mean you learned druidic summoning too?
  • Jessika: Professor Melville encouraged me to study it to further my main studies, yes, though I never got very far. Anyway, to business.
  • Player: Now might be a good time to give you an update on the situation, Sir Tiffy.
  • You swiftly sum up recent events for the old Temple Knight.: * Player: We're not yet sure who kidnapped the pest from its burrow, but it seems certain that whoever it was intends to make use of this life-sucking chemical substance the pest produces. The waxwood boxes Rommik mentioned may be connected.
  • Sir Tiffy: They do rather sound like the perfect tool for spreading the stuff around, what? Thank you for your report; allow me to respond in kind. There's a fellow near the east bank called Tist, an Ali from the Kharidian Desert. Turned up two weeks ago, d'you see, and in the last few days I've heard of people in that part of town getting sick. The symptoms are very similar to how you described the bartender and the shopkeeper.
  • Jessika: You think he's somehow connected to all this?
  • Sir Tiffy: Maybe, maybe not, but it's worth investigating. Oh, yes, here's the interesting part: he's selling boxes, don'tcherknow.
  • Korasi: Waxwood boxes?
  • Sir Tiffy: If they were, I would have ordered his arrest as soon as I heard your report. No, these are oak, but I'm still suspicious of him. He's clearly up to something. Nobody can open his boxes and that 'noble son of the desert' accent of his is so overblown it must be an act. Go and ask him some questions, Player, if you'd be so kind. If nothing else, get a box off him.

Talking to Sir Tiffy again[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Tiffy: Have you investigated Ali yet? He's set up shop by the east bank.
  • Player: Not yet, Sir Tiffy.
  • Sir Tiffy: He's clearly up to something. Nobody can open his boxes and that 'noble son of the desert' accent of his is so overblown it must be an act. Go and ask him some questions, Player, if you'd be so kind. If nothing else, get a box off him.

Talking to Ali Tist[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, Ali.
  • Ali Tist: Greetings, effendi! Would you like to buy a box?
    • Why would I want a box?:
      • Player: Why would I want a box?
      • Ali Tist: Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance - these boxes have a complex puzzle lock! Buy one now for just five coins, and if you manage to get the box open you win a mystery prize!
      • Player: A mystery prize, you say? Is it good?
      • Ali Tist: Potentially! The gods have smiled on my fortune recently, so I thought it only fair to give something back. So will the noble sir/lady take one?
        • Tell me a little more...:
          • Player: Tell me a little more about them. I might be interested.
          • Ali Tist: Oh, they are fine boxes! The puzzle: so complex, so devious... The workmanship so fine and detail-
          • Player: Yes, yes, all of that. How about, say, where you got them? Or who made them?
          • Ali Tist: Noble sir/madam! I am amazed that you could think me so callous as to reveal a supplier who has placed their trade secrets in my hands so.
          • Player: Okay, okay. Then I take it you'll not tell me what's in the things either?
          • Ali Tist: Oh, sir/ madam, you'll just have to win the contest to find that out!
          • Player: I suppose I'd better have one of those boxes, then.
            • Buy a box from Ali.:
              • Ali Tist: There you go. Good luck!
            • Not right now.:
        • Why yes, yes I would.:
        • No, thanks.:
    • Yes, I would.:
    • No, thanks.:

Trying to open the puzzle box[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What is this? I don't even... This doesn't make any sense! Argh! I don't think this is even feasible!

Talking to the customers by Ali's stand[edit | edit source]

  • Man: Have you got anywhere with this puzzle, dear?
  • Woman: Not really. I've sort of stopped caring now.
  • Man: Yeah, me too. Strange...
  • Woman: Might try again in a bit, I s'pose.
  • Man: If we can be bothered.

Reporting back[edit | edit source]

  • Jessika: Did you have any luck, Player?
  • Player: I couldn't get anything useful out of him. I did get hold of a box, though.
  • Sir Tiffy: Have you tried opening it yet?
  • Player: I've tried. It's a very strange puzzle; I can't make any headway with it.
  • Sir Tiffy: Well, maybe this tired old brain's still got the gumption, eh?
  • You give Tiffy the puzzle box and he turns his attention to it.: * Sir Tiffy: Oh, fiddlesticks! I'm getting nowhere with this.
  • Korasi: Maybe I can help...
  • Korasi takes the puzzle box from Tiffy and scrutinises it.: * Korasi: Nope. Jessika, you're the brains of this outfit - you try.
  • Jessika takes the puzzle box from Korasi and has a go.: * Jessika: This puzzle doesn't make any sense!
  • Player: Well, now what?
  • Jessika: I have an idea! Let's do this the unsubtle way... Player, let's plan how to get this thing open. Let's see, now...
    • Blow it open.:
      • Player: I think we'll have to blow it open.
      • Jessika: Yes, that could work. We'd have to smith up an adamant framework to contain the box once we'd blown it open, though.
        • Sheathe it in metal.: (Continues below.)
        • Imbue it with runes.: (Continues below.)
        • Rub marrentill tar into it.: (Continues below.)
    • Drop it off a cliff.:
      • Player: We could drop it off a cliff.
      • Jessika: Yes, that could work. We'd have to station someone at the bottom of the cliff to run back up with it, though.
        • Sheathe it in metal.: (Continues below.)
        • Imbue it with runes.: (Continues below.)
        • Rub marrentill tar into it.: (Continues below.)
    • Burn it with fire.:
      • Player: It's made of wood; we could set it on fire.
      • Jessika: Yes, that could work. We'd have to be ready with water to put it out once it had burned through, though.
        • Sheathe it in metal.:
          • Player: We'll need to sheathe the framework in metal to reinforce it.
          • Jessika: Hmm, true. Then we would need some sort of timed charge to explode in the box behind the sheath.
            • Put it in a bowl.: (Continues below.)
            • It doesn't need anything else.: (Continues below.)
            • Build a complex weighted device.: (Continues below.)
        • Imbue it with runes.:
          • Player: The framework would need to be imbued with rune energy in order to withstand the blast.
          • Jessika: Hmm, true. Then we would need a fuse of some sort to be able to light it through the magical containment.
            • Put it in a bowl.: (Continues below.)
            • It doesn't need anything else.: (Continues below.)
            • Build a complex weighted device.: (Continues below.)
        • Rub marrentill tar into it.:
          • Player: We could reinforce it with a layer of marrentill tar.
          • Jessika: Hmm, true. Marrentill tar is horribly unstable - it's used to feed salamanders - so it would help open the box too.
            • Put it in a bowl.:
              • Player: We'll need to put a bowl under the box to catch whatever falls out.
              • Jessika: Yes, a good plan. Also, we- (Continues below.)
            • It doesn't need anything else.:
              • Player: That's fine, then; I think we're done.
              • Jessika: Yes, a good plan. Also, we- (Continues below.)
            • Build a complex weighted device.:
              • Player: Once the box cracks, we'll need a way to catch whatever comes out. I could craft a device that registers a change in weight and opens a sampling box below.
              • Jessika: Yes, a good plan. Also, we-
              • Korasi: Oh, for Guthix's sake. Will you two shut up and give that thing here?
Korasi breaks the box open.
              • Korasi: By Guthix...there's pest goo in here!
              • Player: And the box is just a veneer of oak over a waxwood frame...
              • Jessika: A puzzle that can't be completed on a box that doesn't open, which is full of life-sucking goop. What's going on here?
              • Sir Tiffy: Too early to say for sure, but I for one intend to find out.
              • Korasi: That stuff is highly dangerous, sir. I would suggest you make efforts to confiscate and destroy as many of these boxes as you can.
              • Sir Tiffy: Hrmph. Won't be easy; they've sold well, as I understand it. Player, if Ali Tist is responsible for this I intend to bring down all the wrath of the Temple Knights on his head. I'd appreciate it if you would put some pressure on him and find out where these boxes of his are from.
              • Player: Will do, Sir Tiffy.
              • Jessika: That was pretty impressive, Korasi.
              • Korasi: Heh. Thank you.
Talking to Jessika, Korasi and Tiffy again[edit | edit source]
  • Korasi: Have you found out anything more on the source of the boxes?
  • Player: Not yet. I'll keep trying.

Talking to Ali Tist[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, Ali.
  • Ali Tist: Ah, a customer approaches! Will the noble sir/lady care to see my fine wares?
  • Player: I think not. I've just been learning about a set of boxes that seem remarkably similar to yours.
  • Ali Tist: Oh, really?
  • Player: Yeah, really. Where did you get these boxes, Ali?
  • Ali Tist: I bought them as a job lot in a fire sale. And I can't spoil the 'contest' by telling you what's in them.
  • Player: I think you're lying to me, Ali.
  • Ali Tist: I think you can't prove anything, you can't go prying and you can't reject my explanation.
  • Player: Yet.
Talking to Ali again[edit | edit source]
  • Player: Hello, Ali.
  • Ali Tist: Greetings, eff- Oh, it's you. What do you want?
    • I want to examine your stock.:
      • Player: I want to examine your stock.
      • Ali Tist: Well, you can't. You have no authority.
      • Player: I'll be back with a way to deal with you.
    • Why are you selling boxes full of goo?:
      • Player: Why are you selling boxes full of goo?
      • Ali Tist: I have nothing to say to you. Leave me alone.
      • Player: I'll be back with a way to deal with you.
    • Aren't you ashamed of yourself?:
      • Player: Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Those boxes are dangerous!
      • Ali Tist: Nobody has to buy the things. I'm just offering them.
      • Player: In the name of making a quick buck.
      • Ali Tist: Yeah. What of it?
      • Player: I'll be back with a way to deal with you.
    • Nothing.:

Reporting back[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: Have you found out anything more on the source of the boxes?
  • Player: I'm afraid not. They're only being distributed here by Ali Tist. He didn't make them and he won't tell me who did.
  • Sir Tiffy: I say! If he's being obstructionist you should have a word with Sir Amik up at the castle. Get a little leverage, don'tcherknow. Drop my name if you must.

Talking to Sir Amik[edit | edit source]

  • Who are you?: * Speak about the A Void Dance quest.: **Sir Amik: How does life find you today, Player?
    • Player: I need your help, Sir Amik. There's a vendor in town, Ali Tist, who's selling dubious goods, and I really need something to persuade him to spill the beans. Can you provide me with some form of leverage to use on him?
    • Sir Amik: Hmm. This sounds decidedly unorthodox. Did Sir Tiffy put you up to this?
    • Player: There's no time for internal politics! This man could represent a direct threat to the safety of the city itself!
    • Sir Amik: I'm willing to put my trust in you; you are, after all, a White Knight of Falador. I'll write you a search warrant for his stock... I'd wager any seller of 'dubious goods' won't want you poking around.
    • Sir Amik writes a warrant giving you the authority to examine Ali's wares. It's hastily written, but legal.:
    • Player: Thank you kindly, Sir Amik. I'll have this all sorted out as soon as I can.
  • Do you have any news?: * Do you know anything about the siege of Falador?: =====Talking to Jessika, Korasi and Tiffy=====
  • Player: I have this warrant from Sir Amik that entitles me to search Ali's stall.
  • Jessika: Excellent! That should make him spill the beans.

Confronting Ali[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, Ali.
  • Ali Tist: Greetings, eff- Oh, it's you. What do you want?
    • I want to examine your stock.:
      • Player: I want to examine your stock. And I have this here warrant that says I can.
      • Ali Tist: What? No! You can't do that!
      • Player: Sorry, but as is stated on the warrant, I can. Unless you care to be a little more forthcoming?
      • Ali Tist: Gah. Alright, curse you, you win. An anonymous benefactor gave me this scroll a while ago. It led me on a chase around the whole Falador area, at the end of which I found a cave full of boxes and with a big locked door at the end. I couldn't get the boxes open, but I took them with me to sell off to these chumps. By the time they realise the things don't open I'll be out of stock and long gone.
      • Player: I think you'd better give me that clue scroll.
      • Ali Tist: It seems that I have no choice.
      • Ali gives you a strangely grand clue scroll.:
      • Player: Hm, I should probably report in to Tiffy and Korasi before heading out.
    • Why are you selling boxes full of goo?:
      • Player: Why are you selling boxes full of goo?
      • Ali Tist: To be honest, I don't know any more. Since I gave you that clue scroll I've begun to feel like it's not worth the bother.
    • Aren't you ashamed of yourself?:
      • Player: Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Those boxes are dangerous!
      • Ali Tist: Nobody has to buy the things. I'm just offering them.
      • Player: In the name of making a quick buck.
      • Ali Tist: Yeah. What of it?
    • Nothing.:

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: What's that you have?
  • Player: A clue scroll.
  • Korasi: Can't say I'm familiar with that.
  • Player: Ali was given it anonymously and it led him to those boxes. I thought I'd follow the trail myself.
  • Korasi: I see. Alright, we'll discuss with Sir Tiffy what to do with those boxes while you follow that lead. We'll keep in touch via CommOrd.
  • Korasi hands you a spare CommOrb.: * Jessika: Good luck, Player!

Talking to Korasi, Jessika and Tiffy again[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm still following the trail Ali put me onto.
  • Korasi: Good to know. Best of luck with it.

Using the CommOrb[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'd rather not report my progress until I have some progress to report.

Finding the next clue[edit | edit source]

  • You find another clue scroll!: * Player: Player to Korasi: come in, please.
  • Korasi: ...and I realised I'd been holding you to standards that simply don't apply to someone who isn't a Void Knight. I fear I treated you poorly as a result, Jessika, and I'm...well, I'm sorry.
  • Player: Sorry to interrupt such a touching moment, but I've made a certain amount of progress.
  • Korasi: That was quick, Player. Have you found the trail's end?
  • Player: Not yet. I'm west of the city now and I've found a new clue scroll.
    • What exactly did I just interrupt?:
      • Player: What exactly did I just interrupt?
      • Korasi: I was apologising to Jessika. I have been more than a little difficult, I think.
      • Jessika: It was only natural, Korasi. What I did went against all of your precepts, and you blamed me in part for Matthias's death, yes?
      • Korasi: Worse. I blamed myself and took it out on you. I should know better, and I'm sorry for that.
      • Jessika: What's prompted this change of heart?
      • Korasi: In working with you, I've come to realise Player was right: your heart is in the right place and you never meant harm. Yet, when harm came of your actions, you were more than willing to balance that harm.
      • Jessika: It's not too late to be friends, Korasi.
      • Korasi: I'm glad to hear it.
    • I'll keep you updated.:
      • Player: I'll keep you updated.

Solving the next clue[edit | edit source]

  • Cheer.: * Angry.: * Wave.: **You've received another clue scroll!
    • Man: Strange, the fellow that paid me never said there'd be another... Ahem! I mean, what is it with these onions all of a sudden?
    • Player: That's classified, sir. Player to Korasi; come in, please.
    • Korasi: Yes, Player?
    • Player: I found another clue south of the city. The trail isn't veering too far away from Falador.
    • Jessika: It sounds like whoever planted this trail didn't want Ali losing interest.
  • Dance.: =====Talking to the man=====
  • Player: Hello there.
  • Man: Oh, hello. I don't suppose you've seen a campsite arond here, have you?
  • Player: No, sorry.
  • Man: Curse this lousy sense of direction. All my stuff is at that campsite!
  • Player: You've still got what you're carrying, though.
  • Man: Well, yes. Not everything else of mine, though.

Finding the next clue[edit | edit source]

  • You find another clue scroll hidden in the crate!: * Player: This is Player checking in. I've found a clue scroll in the farmhouse just north of Port Sarim.
  • Korasi: Duly noted, Player. Keep up the good work.

Finding the next clue[edit | edit source]

  • You find another clue scroll!: * Player: I've found another clue in the monastery garden, Korasi.
  • Jessika: It's Jessika, Player; Korasi's talking to Sir Tifffy. You're close now, I'm sure of it! Oh, and Player...I wanted to thank you. By having faith in me and giving me the benefit of the doubt, you've given me the chance to see what I'd been blind to all the time I was at the Void Knight Outpost. I've come to know Korasi as a friend as well. I think it's clear what I have to do now.

Finding the coordinates[edit | edit source]

  • You have found the final destination of Ali Tist's clue trail!: * Player: Hah, found it at last.
  • This heavy hatchway is firmly locked by a twin-release bolt. You will need assistance to get it open.: * Player: Player to Captain Korasi; come in, please.
  • Korasi: I'm listening.
  • Player: I followed the last portion of the trail on Ali's scroll. It ended up at a locked hatchway just outside the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Korasi: The Kinshra? Could they be involved in this somehow?
  • Player: It might not be anything to do with them, but I think we'll find out soon enough.
  • Korasi: Agreed. We should investigate immediately.
  • Jessika: I'd like to accompany you, if I may.
  • Korasi: I'd be glad to have you along, Jessika. Player, we're teleporting to you now.
Jessika and Korasi teleport to you.

Talking to Jessika and Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello, you two. Are you both ready?
  • Korasi: We're ready, Player. It's time this sorry business was over with.
  • Jessika: Agreed. I want to see this come to an end. And, um, Korasi?
  • Korasi: Yes, Jessika?
  • Jessika: When all of this is over I'd like to, er, enlist...if it would be allowed.
  • Korasi: What?
  • Jessika: I've seen the havoc just one free pest can cause and it's not even a warrior. Even though they're not the mindless, unfeeling creatures everyone thinks they are, they're still a threat to human life... I know we didn't start out at the best of terms, but I hoped that you might, um...write the recommendation I'd need.
  • Korasi: You know what? I think I'd be happy to. Let me mull it over.
  • Player: Very nice! Now, then, shall we?
  • Korasi: Let me give you a hand with that.
You and Korasi open the hatch.

The Black Knight Workshop[edit | edit source]

The Dorkeeper[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Well, we're in. This must be where Ali found the boxes.
  • Jessika: Why would they lead him right to them?
  • Korasi: Indeed. Please stay here, you two; I'll see what we're up against.
Korasi peeks around the corner.
  • Korasi: One guard on duty, one locked door and a fair amount of traffic through the room.
  • Jessika: Any suggestions?
  • Player: There's not much we can do about the workers; we'll just have to avoid them.
  • Korasi: The guard should be no problem, though. I can deal with him...
  • Guard: What the...
  • Korasi: Don't mind me.
Korasi kills the guard.
  • Korasi: Well, that was easy.

Talking to Jessika and Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Psst.
  • Jessika: Right here, Player.
  • Korasi: Stay hidden, both of you. I'll see about talking my way past the doorkeeper.
  • Jessika: Can we try to avoid killing this one? Please? I'm sure you can knock him out or something instead.
Korasi walks up to the door.
  • Korasi: Greetings, friend. I have a delivery for whoever's in charge.
  • Black Knight doorkeeper: Then you'll know the password we give to scheduled visitors.
  • Korasi: Password? This is urgent!
  • Black Knight doorkeeper: Urgent or not, you're not getting in without the password. Get gone. And don't think I won't recognise you next time, either. I have a good memory for faces.

Second try[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: Blast it, that doorkeeper is stubborn. I fear we shall need that password in order to get in.
  • Jessika: I may have an idea...
  • Korasi: I've come to recognise that tone of voice. Go on...
  • Jessika: If we can get a small and sneaky summoned creature up to the door when a worker is entering, it could listen to the password and tell me what it is.
  • Korasi: That sounds feasible. Why did you hesitate?
  • Jessika: Because what I summoned would be a void drone. Professor Melville taught me the technique and I applied it to void pests.
  • Korasi: What? No!
  • Jessika: It would be entirely under my control, I assure you! I've summoned this same one before.
  • Korasi: We should not be responsible for bringing more of those vermin into the world.
  • Player: Actually, it sounds reasonable to me. If you're certain you can control it?
  • Jessika: Entirely.
  • Korasi: Ugh, very well, Jessika. I shall trust you in this, but keep it firmly in control.
  • Jessika summons a small Void pest for you.: =====Talking to Jessika=====
  • Jessika: Have you got my drone up close to that door yet?
  • Player: Not yet.
  • Korasi: Swiftly now - get that drone to one of the workers so it can listen for the password.
If a worker spots you[edit | edit source]
  • The Black Knight workers, fearful of being punished if you are discovered, bundle you out the door.: =====Trying to knock on the door=====
  • It would be unwise to attract the doorkeeper's attention just yet.: =====Planting the drone=====
  • You carefully set Jessika's drone on the side of the box, where it clings and listens.: =====Trying to take the drone=====
  • Best leave it here until it can listen in on the password.: =====A worker walks up to the door=====
  • Worker: Mumble mumble mumble mumble.
  • Black Knight doorkeeper: Mumble, mumble.
  • You are too far away to make out the words, but the planted drone is listening carefully...: =====Retrieving the drone=====
  • You retrieve the hidden void drone.: =====Returning to Jessika and Korasi=====
  • Jessika: How did my little boy/girl perform? (Depends on the player's gender.)
  • Player: I don't know, he/she won't talk to me.
  • Jessika: Ah, well, they're fiercely loyal if you treat them right. What do you have for me, my lad/lass?
  • Player: Nothing. I just said, I can't get th-
  • Jessika: Not you.
  • Jessika holds the void drone and seems to be listening.: * Jessika: The password is, 'In unity we overwhelm.'
  • Korasi: Oh, that's not at all fanatical... Regardless, Jessika, why don't you go and try it out?
  • Jessika: With pleasure.
Jessika walks up to the door.
  • Jessika: Morning, sir. In unity we overwhelm; may I come in?
  • Black Knight doorkeeper: Of course; I'll just need to see your identity insignia.
  • Jessika: Um. Oh dear. I seem to have left it in my other labcoat...
  • Black Knight doorkeeper: Then you're either an impostor or you've committed a we-kill-your-family offence. Either way, I don't want to see you here again.

Third time's the charm[edit | edit source]

  • Jessika: I'm sorry to report that I've had no success with the doorkeeper. We need some form of identification.
  • Korasi: Curses. Then we'll need to acquire one...and hope there are no further complications. Player, would you kindly put those nimble fingers of yours to work? I'm sure I don't need to tell you to leave the arriving workers alone - steal from one as he leaves as he'll most likely not notice until he's home.
Pickpocketing a worker[edit | edit source]
  • You steal a small metal disc from the departing worker.: =====Talking to Jessika and Korasi=====
  • Korasi: You have an insignia? Good. Now see about getting through that door.
Knocking on the door[edit | edit source]
  • Doorkeeper: This had better be good.
  • Player: In unity we overwhelm.
  • Doorkeeper: Show your identification, then.
  • Player: I have it here. Is everything alright?
  • You hand the stolen insignia through a slot in the door.: * Doorkeeper: Oh, just that we've identified and turned back two intruders today already.
  • Player: Good thing security is so tight, then.
  • Doorkeeper: Indeed. Now just give me the secret handshake and I'll let you in.
  • Player: Secret handshake? Through a door? Nobody told me about a secret handshake!
  • Doorkeeper: Well done. I see my trick question didn't fool you.
  • Player: I'm pretty sharp.
  • Doorkeeper: Enter, fr-
You and Korasi enter the room and the doorkeeper backs away.
  • Doorkeeper: You!
  • Korasi: Hello again.
Korasi incapacitates the doorkeeper.
  • Doorkeeper: Aaargh!
  • Korasi: Well, Player, we need to decide what to do with this fellow. We can't risk leaving him free behind us.
  • Doorkeeper: Bah! I regret nothing. Do your worst, Saradominist dogs.
  • Korasi: Do I look like a follower of Saradomin to you?
    • It's safer to kill him now.:
Korasi kills the doorkeeper.
    • Tie him up, gag him and hide him away somewhere.:
Korasi knocks the doorkeper out.

The Workshop[edit | edit source]

Talking to Jessika[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi, Jessika.
  • Jessika: I don't go on many field missions. Are they always this tense?

Talking Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: We have to get through to the pest chamber. There'll be a key in the workshop somewhere.
  • Jessika: Please try to leave the workers alone if you can. I know they'll have their own keys, but they're unarmed and not truly Black Knights.
  • Player: No promises, but I'll see what I can do.

Talking to a worker[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Greetings.
  • Indentured worker: Please don't talk to me, I don't want to be punished.

Killing the worker[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I'm sorry. This is for the greater good.
  • Indentured worker: What are you doi-
  • You find a heavy iron key on the worker's body.: ====Sparing the worker====
Searching the shelf[edit | edit source]
  • A large key rests on this shelf, but you can't reach it with your bare hands.: =====Trying to reach the key with the wrong item=====
  • You poke around a bit, but can't quite reach the key.: =====Stealing a tool=====
  • You search the workbench... You pocket a spare tool while the worker is looking the other way.: =====Searching the workbench with the hook======
  • You search the workbench... ...and notice a small metal hook that seems less sturdily attached than most.: =====Dislodging the hook=====
  • You break the tool, but successfully pry the hook free from the workbench. The nearby slave lets you.: =====Searching a workbench with a metal strip=====
  • You search the workbench... ...and notice that a strip of metal on the frame is loose.: =====Obtaining a metal strip=====
  • You unscrew the loose strip of metal from the workbench, breaking the tool in the process.: =====Using a gaff to obtain the key=====
  • You fish the key from the shelf.: ===The Pest===
  • Jessika: It's the pest! By Guthix, what have they done to it?
  • Korasi: And well guarded, too. Those are the Kinshra's elite knights.
  • Jessika: They look sort of intimidating.
  • Korasi: Stand well aside, please, Jessika. I don't want you getting hurt. Player, the one on the right is mine. I don't want you to interfere, please.
  • Player: Aye, Captain.

After defeating the Black Knight guardians[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: So those were the vaunted Kinshra elite? They should come and train on brawlers for a while...
  • Jessika: We made it! You know, between us, we make a pretty good team.
  • Korasi: Undeniably so!
  • Player: Good grief, look at that thing.
  • Jessika: Look at all that equipment! How could they do that to a feeling, thinking creature?

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: This is disgusting, Player. The pests ravage and destroy, but it is their nature. That men could do this...
  • Jessika: The more I see, the more I'm convinced that fighting to redress the balance of the world is the right thing to do.
  • Korasi: Aye, Jessika. Now, Player, that pest isn't looking good. Please, deal with it while there's still time.

Talking to the pest[edit | edit source]

  • Korasi: I have no love for void pests, but that's, well...ghastly.
  • Jessika: Oh, the poor thing.
  • Void leech: I am full of tubes and woe.
  • Player: You can talk?
  • Jessika: He can talk? Hmm. Perhaps you can understand him due to your skill in summoning...
  • Void leech: What does the mother say?
    • The mother?:
      • Player.: The mother?
      • Void leech: With you. With the white shell and the kind lifeness? She raised us, she is the mother.
      • Player: Jessika, this creature seems to have imprinted on you pretty hard. It's referring to you as its 'mother'.
      • Jessika: Really? Well, perhaps a little kindness goes further than expected.
        • What happened to you?: (Same as below.)
        • Tell me about yourself.: (Same as below.)
        • Enough of this.: (Same as below.)
    • What happened to you?:
      • Player: What happened to you?
      • Void leech: Freed from small metal world with kind mother. World was big - was lost, confused. Made new home - small, enough - wait until hive came. But no hive came. Instead humans with black shiny shells. One was leading them, his face hidden, his lifeness sparkling magic like a torcher's - 'wizard' they called him. Who, I cannot say. Human all look same, all but carapace, all but the mother. They took me, they brought me here. Attached here in small metal world to these sucking tentacles, taking the foodgoo from me, forcing me to make more.
        • Do you know why?:
          • Player: Do you know why?
          • Void leech: 'Wizard' said the foodgoo will be power, will call out to the hive. Yes. The hive can feel the lifeness-filled foodgoo. The black-shiny-shell humans think they work with 'wizard' to kill white-shiny-shell hive in 'Falador', take lifeness from their human ravagers, take over. No. 'Wizard' thought me unintelligent, talked to me, said he had greater plans for lots of my foodgoo. Please, destroy my stolen foodgoo. Save your 'Falador' hive's lifeness. Can't help me now.
            • Tell me about yourself.: (Same as below.)
            • Enough of this.: (Same as below.)
        • The mother?: (Same as above.)
        • Tell me about yourself.: (Same as below.)
        • Enough of this.: (Same as below.)
    • Tell me about yourself.:
      • Player: Tell me about yourself.
      • Korasi: Do we have time for this?
      • Void leech: Woke to life and the world was strange. Wrong place, no brothers, no sisters. Home was metal, so small, but the mother was kind.
      • Player: What are you? What is your purpose?
      • Void leech: You would say void leech. I make the foodgoo that stores lifeness - food for the thin times. The hive needs food to hunt, to spread, to grow.
      • Player: And to invade our world?
      • Void leech: Queen commands. The ravagers and torchers invade. I make the foodgoo.
        • What happened to you?: (Same as above.)
        • The mother?:' (Same as above.)
        • Enough of this.: (Same as below.)
    • Enough of this.:
      • Player: Enough of this.
        • Set the pest free.:
          • Player: It's clear you could be no threat, and I would rather not kill an intelligent being under such circumstancs. Get out of here, and find a remote place away from humans to live out your remaining days.
          • Void leech: I swear it.
        • Put the pest down.:
          • Player: I'm sorry, but I can't let you live to potentially harm others, whether deliberately or not.
          • Void leech: I expected such.

After deciding the pest's fate[edit | edit source]

  • (If you released the pest.)
    • Korasi: I suspect that releasing that thing was a poor idea. Time will tell.
    • Jessika: Thank you, Player. (Continues below.)
  • (If you killed the pest.)
    • Korasi: Killing that creature must have been a difficult decision to make, Player, but the right one.
    • Jessika: It didn't deserve that. (Continues below.)
  • Korasi: Commodore Tyr will want to know what has happened here. Let's get back to the outpost.
  • Jessika: Anyone else think that's a lot of storage space for not very many cubes? We passed through several large and mostly empty storerooms on our way in...
  • Korasi: Sir Tiffy can deal with the rest of this place once we report in. I believe Jessika and I need to return to the Void Knight Outpost. Will you join us now or make your own way?
    • Go with Korasi.:
The three of you teleport to the Void Knight Outpost.
    • Remain here.:

Finishing Off[edit | edit source]

Talking to Jessika[edit | edit source]

  • Jessika: We need to tell the Commodore what we found.

Talking to Korasi[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Korasi: Our work is done, we must reeport to the Commodore at once.

Reporting to Commodore Tyr[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Commodore, we've returned. I'm pleased to say the escaped pest has been found and dealt with.
  • Commodore Tyr: Player, once again we owe you a debt of thanks. I have our Temple Knight allies standing by. Please report.
You tell Commodore Tyr about your discoveries.
  • Player: Which led Jessika to conclude that the remaining cubes have already been shipped elsewhere.
  • Commodore Tyr: Disturbing news. Savant, did you get all that?
  • Savant: Yes, thank you, Commodore, although I have already heard part of the report from Sir Tiffy. Rest assured our agents will continue to gather what information we can and pass on anything relevant; the White Knights have also pledged forces to destroy the cubes we know of.
  • Korasi: I can't help but wonder what they needed quite so many cubes for. Falador's not an enormous city, and an operation of that size could have produceed three or four times what their apparent plan would need. I feel there's something more going on here, an influence we've not considered.
  • Commodore Tyr: Nonetheless, the operation was a success. Thank you all.
  • Jessika: You would have been proud of the Captain, sir, she was magnificent! Her combat and command skills are truly impressive.
  • Korasi: And I commend your decision to send Jessika with us, Commodore. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable in tracking the pest down, and our partnership showed much...balance. She has asked me to forward her for Void Knight training and I endorse the application whole-heartedly.
  • Jessika: Oh, Korasi, thank you!
  • Commodore Tyr;: Indeed? So be it, then. Player, congratulations on a successful mission.
  • Savant: Good to see you again, Player. Take care of yourself.

Post-Quest Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Commodore Tyr[edit | edit source]

  • Commodore Tyr: Thank you once again for your services, Player. We shall work with the Temple Knights to find out what happened to the cubes that already shipped, and keep you informed.