Transcript of A Thief in the Night

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Convict and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: What do you want, convict? Don't you have someone else to blackmail?
  • The Convict: I'd rather I didn't have to be here, but something has forced my hand.
  • The Convict: Sea orphans are disappearing in the night. Killed or kidnapped, but I suspect the latter.
  • Player: Why would you care? You were happy to let them die.
  • The Convict: Now, that's not true. You were always going to save them.
  • The Convict: I would never let them get hurt. We have a lot in common. They've adopted my style of dress, while I enjoy their company.
  • The Convict: It's given me a chance to pass on some of the things I've learned. I value manners, poise and thievery.
  • Player: It sounds like you're creating a little community of Marcuses. I'm not sure what to think of that.
  • Player: But, yet, the sea orphans deserve to be protected. What do you need?
  • The Convict: I can conduct an investigation, but it takes a certain amount of manpower.
  • Player: I'll place a ship at your disposal.

After Voyage

  • Player: What have you discovered?
  • The Convict: What we suspected: the sea orphans are being kidnapped. The culprits appear to be mercenaries, working with a silent partner.
  • Player: Do you know who that might be?
  • The Convict: I thought it was soothsayers, practitioners of old magic; they need intestines for their divinations.
  • Player: But you think there's someone else involved?
  • The Convict: Yes. Hyu-Ji has a real khan called Tubjub. He lives in a town on the other end of the island, and he never visits the sea orphans. But the money leads back to him, as the saying goes.
  • The Convict: I believe he's acting as a middle man between the mercenaries and the soothsayers.
  • The Convict: The soothsayers would never accept live specimens, so he's the one handling the money and cutting the organs from his victims.
  • Player: That's vile!
  • The Convict: The soothsayers are due to arrive in Hyu-Ji. We need to get to the sea orphan captives soon, before they're gutted.