Transcript of A Soul's Bane journal entry

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  • I spoke with Launa next to the rift and she told me about her lost Son.
  • I heard Tolna's voice say, 'Why should I, Tolna, be trapped in such a wretched place? Feel my ANGER!'
  • I beat the anger beasts in the rift.
  • I heard Tolna's voice say, 'I'm trapped and it's so dark. I FEAR I may never escape this place. Mum, help me!'
  • I defeated the fear beasts in the rift.
  • I heard Tolna's voice say, 'Where am I? How long have I been here? Am I still the person I once was? I hate my CONFUSION'
  • I conquered the beasts of confusion
  • I heard Tolna's voice say, 'What's the point? Why do I defy such HOPELESSNESS? No-one will ever help me'
  • I overcame the emotion of hopelessness.
  • I've discovered the physical form of Tolna, and his father.
  • I fought Tolna and he appears to have returned to his human form.
  • Tolna has repented and returned to the entrance of the rift.
  • Tolna has set up a dungeon to help others avoid his mistakes.