Transcript of A Shadow over Ashdale journal entry

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  • Gudrik has asked me to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Ashdale's residents.
  • I have arrived in Ashdale. The island is being buffeted by a fierce storm
  • I entered the sewers beneath Ashdale in an attempt to bypass the barricades.
  • I exited the sewers, having encountered some strange, crab-like creatures.
  • I discovered a secret staircase.
  • I followed the stairs into a large cave containing more of the crab-like creatures.
  • I entered the next cave, which contains some kind of elaborate security system.
  • I managed to bypass the security system.
  • I entered the next cave, which contains a number of strange green pods.
  • I defeated the creatures, which dissolved a barrier blocking my path.
  • I entered the next cave, which is patrolled by a number of creatures.
  • I used a series of booby traps to eliminate the patrolling creatures.
  • I entered the next cave, which contains a large smugglers' ship. The villagers are on the other side of the ship, contained in some kind of enclosure.
  • When I boarded the ship, a huge monster broke through the deck. It must be the creatures' leader.
  • I defeated the creature and rescued the people of Ashdale.
  • The people of Ashdale are now safe.