Transcript of A Place Called Respite

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Convict and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Convict: Good day to you!
  • Player: Good day, Horatio. You found a spot to hide from the authorities and start a new life?
  • The Convict: Absolutely. A place called Hyu-Ji, home to a race called the sea orphans. They're not as refined as I'm used to, but they're an intelligent bunch. Best of all, they don't begrudge a new beginning. They're escapees like me - on the run from 'Purists' who take exception to them being mutants.
  • Player: How are you going to get in with them?
  • The Convict: A dash of charm, a sprinkle of sympathy. But the first step is getting there. Are you willing to aid my passage to Hyu-Ji?

After Voyage

  • The Navigator delivers a note from Horatio.
  • Player: A note?
  • The Convict: Dear portmaster. I've made a home for myself on Hyu-Ji. The sea orphans seem to be intrigued by me - tugging at my clothes and asking questions about life out in the west. I find them outside my shack most mornings. I've even taught a few to fight with fencing swords. Anyway, I should admit something. I lied to you. My name's not Horatio Waxenwing. That's an alias, something I used when I lived among the elite. My real name's more modest: it's Marcus Fine. I also said that I never hurt anyone. That's not entirely true. I got involved in a relationship that ended badly. Suffice it to say that I accepted her gifts, and she took it personally when I moved on. Believe it or not, I did care for her. When I heard she'd thrown herself from the top of Falador Castle, I wept. And now her father's after me. The old swine never approved, and to his mind I may as well have pushed his daughter. Next time we meet, I'd like to talk about this problem. I have a proposal that could benefit both of us. Sincere regards, Marcus.
  • Player: Well, it seems that 'Marcus' hasn't given up on his old habits.