Transcript of A Message to RuneScape from SpecialEffect

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] special effects are a charity that help
[00:05] disabled people of all ages to benefit
[00:07] from the fun and inclusion of video
[00:09] games the runescape community have been
[00:12] absolutely unbelievable for us through
[00:15] the well of goodwill which they did
[00:16] earlier this year they managed to help
[00:18] hundreds of people with disabilities to
[00:21] enjoy the kind of fun and excitement
[00:23] that we all do through video games the
[00:25] way that we help people with
[00:26] disabilities is that we treat them as
[00:28] individuals every person is special we
[00:31] believe that the only way to get people
[00:32] competing properly again to the best of
[00:34] their abilities is to work with them one
[00:36] on one and then to keep working
[00:38] different and what your donation has
[00:40] helped us to do is to go out to these
[00:42] people individually and working them
[00:44] one-on-one and see what they're capable
[00:46] of and then bring the world of gaming
[00:48] right into their own living room we've
[00:55] got a fantastic event coming up in
[00:56] February it's called game blast and it's
[00:58] an opportunity for gamers to really have
[01:00] fun and at the same time helping lots of
[01:03] disabled people to have the same kind of
[01:05] fun that they're having basically what
[01:07] we're doing over the weekend of the 21st
[01:09] to the 23rd of February and saying to
[01:12] everybody okay go away and set yourself
[01:15] a gaming challenge a marathon challenge
[01:16] and we're asking you to get sponsored to
[01:19] do that and then have an absolute blast
[01:23] of a time playing games and raising
[01:25] money to help people with disabilities
[01:28] we've been absolutely blown away by the
[01:31] support that Jagex is giving to this
[01:33] event they'll be inviting players into
[01:35] their studio to play from 1 p.m. on
[01:37] Friday till 1 p.m. on Saturday and
[01:39] they'll be doing all sorts of crazy
[01:40] things to keep us interested and all
[01:43] sorts of crazy things to hopefully raise
[01:45] awareness of what we're trying to do as
[01:47] a charity throughout the weekend
[01:49] Jagex are going to be live streaming of
[01:50] the event through their twitch channel
[01:52] j-mods and players will be taking part
[01:54] on the stream and they'll be giveaways
[01:56] and competitions as well
[02:00] I just want to say a massive thank you
[02:02] to runescape Bayliss and just encourage
[02:04] them to get involved any way they can
[02:05] and by playing or donating but just
[02:09] generally getting involved in the fund
[02:10] because by doing that you're going to
[02:12] help so many people players will be able
[02:14] to contribute to the Jagex event by
[02:16] going to www.hsn to dating through the
[02:22] online facilities there and of course
[02:23] any wealth that you throw into the well
[02:25] of goodwill will be turned into cash as
[02:27] with people can find out more
[02:30] information about the difference we're
[02:32] making to the lives of people with
[02:33] disabilities by going to our web site