Transcript of A Jade Frog in the Throat

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin and the player.


  • The Assassin: Little Khan, I have something you will want to hear.
  • Player: Why do you think I'd be interested in what a sixteen-year old assassin has to say?
  • The Assassin: Eighteen-and-a-half, actually. I have news from an old friend and informer. His name's Kirau, and his information has never failed me.
  • Player: Well, what news does this Kirau have?
  • The Assassin: I drove a group of slavers called the Skulls out of Wushanko. Maybe you have heard of them - they come from around here. Although they may have gone, their eastern contact remains. He's a khan; the ruler of Thalassia. His name is Tombi.
  • Player: What do you know about Tombi?
  • The Assassin: He runs his island like a factory. While it churns out gunpowder, he uses the wealth to build a palace out of jade. His people hate him for it, but they're too weak to do anything: either they've been broken by the sulphur mines or they're taken by slavers.
  • Player: And Tombi's running the slavery ring?
  • The Assassin: He knows his people are easy pickings. He used the Skulls so that his hand remained clean. Then he took the lion's share of profits to fund his green palace. He has to die, of course. I could have stowed away on one of your ships, but I thought it polite to ask first.
  • Player: You can't just kill him!
  • The Assassin: You think I should torture him first? Perhaps you're right.
  • Player: No! I mean what happens to his island when he's dead? It'll be chaos.
  • The Assassin: This man has sent thousands of people to their deaths! Even by your western standards, the man deserves to die.
  • Player: Alright, I'll help you, Ling. But we do it my way. My crew find a replacement to take over, then you remove Tombi.


  • The Assassin: Tombi is dead. I like your choice of replacement. He's already hung, drawn and quartered his corrupt officials.
  • Player: He hu- what? Well, I suppose that's... thorough...
  • The Assassin: There is one small problem. I killed most of Tombi's bodyguards once the alarm was set off, but one got away. He saw my face. I recognised him from... before. He's an assassin of the Death Lotus order. There's not a khan who does not fear them and their work.
  • Player: What does this mean for you?
  • The Assassin: It means that I need to lie low, Little Khan.